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I'm a scientist and an educator, and I just made some major life changes before moving to Chattanooga. I am originally from Michigan but moved to Knoxville, TN as a child. Since graduating high school, I lived all over the country.

A few years ago, I completed my PhD in mathematics. I taught for a few more years, then I decided to switch careers. I'm now working toward building a non-profit company that provides free educational support (e.g. private tutoring and career counseling) to poor families.

Outside of work, I'm a bookworm. I love music, movies, and podcasts. I also enjoy hiking and coffee (but not at the same time). And I'm a big standup comedy fan. So on a Saturday afternoon, you can find me at the library, in a coffee shop, or in the woods. That night, I am laughing hard or watching a good movie.


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