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I was raised in a very fundamentalist church. I was skeptical from an early age, but it was difficult to challenge indoctrination from the people I loved, my family. It took years for me to get out of the closet as an agnostic. Now I am an atheist and I have a high interest in discussion, reading, and videos about skepticism, humanism, atheism, science, pseudoscience and (as Michael Shermer’s book title put it) “Why People Believe Weird Things.”
My career was in Human Resources for 30 years. Then I went back to school briefly to study IT, and my short second career was as a database analyst. Now I’m retired and in the business of getting old. Business is good. I finally got to stop and smell the coffee.

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Atheist, Humanist, Skeptic, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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