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I’m guest speaking and singing in Denton, Texas tomorrow, thanks to technology. “Sexuality Thru a UU Lens.” I’ll be singing, too! 9:30 CST; 10:30 EST.
UUNJ Apr 25 Apr 25 00
Most UU congregations are closing for a few weeks, and many of them are going online for services and meetings. I was supposed to light the chalice this Sunday, so the minister asked me to do it at home and send a photo for her live-stream service ...
UUNJ Mar 14 Mar 14 22
Visiting Memphis for a workshop on the OWL Sexuality Education for Older Adults curriculum I wrote. Well-received by an audience of United Church of Christ health and human services professionals. The UUA and UCC co-publish OWL.
UUNJ Mar 4 Mar 4 11
UUA General Assembly is in Providence, Rhode Island this year. I’ll be there, will you?
UUNJ Feb 22 Feb 22 00
Switched congregations last Sunday, kicking things off by singing a song and giving a sermon on sexual pleasure and communication (the regular minister spoke on the same topic more briefly, same day.) I’m excited because this much larger ...
UUNJ Feb 21 Feb 21 11
Ditching the Nestle-made bottled water for a while in exchange for regular old tap water; bottled water sometimes 'enlarges my prostrate' and sends me to the bathroom a couple of times overnight!🤔
Eagle61 Feb 16 Feb 16 11
Hollywood film legend Kirk Douglas dead at 103!😞
Eagle61 Feb 5 Feb 5 33
I'm in a 'back area' almost 'isolated' from Jacksonville called Ribualt Village-a housing community for U.S. naval personnel and their families; reminds of Ellis Street where my sister and her family lived on North Side in Pittsburgh prior to ...
Eagle61 Jan 28 Jan 28 00
It seems you need to experience this to believe it !
Musicmanmike Jan 22 Jan 22 00
Hello Everyone ! I'm new to agnostics, I was a fundamental christian for maybe 25 years, I was hooked on prophecy and was always looking for a major even to line up with the end times. Maybe back 15 years ago I tired of all the endless ...
Musicmanmike Jan 17 Jan 17 11
What do you guys think about last night's missile attack on our military at Iraq from Iran?
Eagle61 Jan 8 Jan 8 44
Sending hearts and condolences the families of those gunned down including a police detective in Jersey City during yesterday's shootout by a black hate group targeting white Jews!😞
Eagle61 Dec 12 Dec 12 22
Hope my sister isn't in the hospital again!
Eagle61 Dec 8 Dec 8 11
Know someone who may be a UU without knowing it? This is an intro to the faith tradition.
UUNJ Dec 4 Dec 4 00
I'm a bad U.U. My psychotherapist is a Christian and I shared with her. Is that bad?
TimFromla Dec 3 Dec 3 33
What is your favorite non-religious holiday song?
Eagle61 Dec 2 Dec 2 33
Join me at 10 am in Egg Harbor, NJ this Sunday when I lead worship at the UU Congregation of the South Jersey Shore. “A UU Take on Faith and Miracles”
UUNJ Nov 29 Nov 29 22
Had a first today: was singing a song at my Uu church when a visitor passed out and slumped onto her daughter. Before the song was over, the EMTs were there from down the street and quietly moved her into the lobby. She was dehydrated and had some ...
UUNJ Nov 17 Nov 17 22
Ditched my hook-up vcr for Free Movie Channel 1via Xfinity; the latter has a wide variety of flicks to choose from with a simple press with some buttons of the tv remote!😁
Eagle61 Nov 2 Nov 2 22
Another Monday. Sigh. Living alone, it is always my turn to do (pick your chore). There are several chores to choose from. It is cold and overcast. We had a beautiful spring here, I wish we had gotten a couple of weeks of fall before the cold ...
SAMae Oct 28 Oct 28 00
Has anyone left their congregation for another? How’s that feel? In February, I’m leaving my small church home of 25-ish years for a larger, more vibrant congregation. I’m excited about new programming and people but I was a founding member of ...
UUNJ Oct 27 Oct 27 00
I’ll be speaking about the UU sex ed curriculum’s values on Nov. 17 and about surviving and thriving in chaos Jan 19, same location. Will preach on unexpected gifts at the Eockland UU, Pomona NY on Dec 22.
UUNJ Oct 27 Oct 27 00
Join me at 10:30 am this Sunday at the UU Congregation of Rockland, Pomona NY for music and worship on the values of Self Worth, Responsibly, Sexual Health, Justice & Inclusivity.
UUNJ Oct 16 Oct 16 11
If you are curious about the UUA sex ed curriculum, I was interviewed on a New Zealand podcast for people who have left fundamental religion. Episode 309.
UUNJ Oct 11 Oct 11 22
Preparing to go out the door and get a lift today to Walmart here in Jacksonville,FL, to pick up my meds I hope are still here.
Greg610 Oct 8 Oct 8 00

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