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Attended worship today in Salt Lake City. It was their youth-designed service and Bridging Ceremony (milestones in youth & teens’ faith journeys). Loved that the youth creates a living chalice—four youth in grey clothing posed to form a chalice shape, and a kid in an orange shirt wrapped in white xmas tree lights slowly snaked his way from behind the chalice to standing position. Cute! I was happily surprised when a fellow Unitarian Universalist Association co-worker of mine sat beside me. I had no idea she attended this church. 😁

UUNJ 8 May 19
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Wow, UU'S in Salt Lake. I've not been to Utah yet in my long life. But, it is higher on my lists of maybes than Alabama or Mississippi.

There are two UU congregations here, one more formal (traditional building) than the other. I have enjoyed my week here.