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Most UU congregations are closing for a few weeks, and many of them are going online for services and meetings. I was supposed to light the chalice this Sunday, so the minister asked me to do it at home and send a photo for her live-stream service tomorrow.

UUNJ 8 Mar 14
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Our church has been having Sunday services using Zoom. We are between ministers, so our worhship team are doing them. Piano players is playing at home, but we get to sing the songs. For me, it is great as we can see all of the people in their homes. After the service, a virtual coffee hour follows with breakout smaller groups so can do some checking in with friends. Sure beats not having a service. We are getting between 100 and 120 people signing in. And get to drink coffee during the service.


Nice to share, thanks. We have an established lifestream, but it will be odd without attendees. Doing what we must do!