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My outfit for church tomorrow. I’m promoting the Movie-themed service auction. I made the costume from an $8 skirt and tops I had and sewed together. The wig is from Party City.

UUNJ 8 Sep 21
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Wonderful; very creative. And your audience is paying rapt attention

CS60 Level 7 Sep 21, 2019

Funny thing is that only the Golden likes apples. The cattle dog on the left must think I’m hiding peanut butter

@UUNJ I frequently have a snack of an apple with peanut butter & melted chocolate. I guess I’d be their best friend when I’m getting that together. I wouldn’t share the chocolate

@CS60 Except chocolate can be deadly to dogs. I’m not sure why but it is

@UUNJ That is why I wouldn’t share the chocolate. Pieces of apple and peanut butter, yes, but Not the chocolate.


Oh, so perfect, and you look marvelous!!