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A very sad post on the main page got me thinking about bullying and the effects it has on our kids. How do you handle your kids being bullied or your kids bullying others? Bullying is an epidemic at our local elementary. The staff seems to treat it like the hunger games. I caught a group of boys bullying another group when my kids were playing. I didn't handle it well, I'm afraid. I told the ringleader that I'D beat the snot out of him if I caught him again then sought out all their moms and told them what their kids were up to. That kid runs every time he sees me. Oops.

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 10
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One instance with my youngest...4th grade.
Kid changed his story when my four older walked to the bus stop and escorted to him home to prevent him from bullying the little brother.
Never touched him. Never said anything foul. Just a group of teenagers who suddenly wanted to be his best friend.
Sometimes you just need to remind the bully there is larger fish in the sea (or neighborhood)


That's what my school was like when I was growing up. The weak get eaten. I'm glad things are changing in some places at least.

Upstander programs work. Here's a link for one of the better ones. I have peer reviewed research on this as well. If you would like copies for your child's school, inbox me.


Kris725 Level 5 Mar 11, 2018

Thank you very much.


I’ve given mine permission to stand up for herself and what’s right no matter what. She’s a tiny little peanut and has been the target of bullying attempts but doesn’t take shit from mean girls. She has been in Brazilian Jujitsu for a few years and has a lot of confidence.

Nice! I'm trying to convince my son to continue martial arts but he just despises it. 😟


My kids are 10 and 11, and I don't think they've experienced any bullying. Their schools are right on it. They both tell me that they have never seen a fight. I'm glad they haven't experienced the bullying I saw growing up, but I find it weird that fights haven't broken out amongst the boys. I wonder how we're going to feed our armies and imperialism in the future.

GlyndonD Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

Lucky the schools my kids went to tatted bullying seriously. I did have a situation in Elementary School where a kid found out my kid didn't believe in God. He told me kid that his dad said that people that didn't believe in God were bad people. My son didn't understand why the kids was acting mean to him. I explained that he is being taught bad things by his parents. A few days letter, he told me that the kids was trying to trip him in the hallway. I was not sure what to do. Getting involved might effect my kid social standing with the other kids. So I decided to monitor the situation and do something if it escalated. I did tell my kids that if it was me, I would probably kick the leg that he tried to trip me with. Give him something to think about next time. My kid seemed shocked that I told him that. Parents aren't supposed to say that. I'm not sure it was the right stands, but I do think it's important to stand up for yourself. I checked back in with him a few times and the kids just stopped talking to my son.

JeffB Level 6 Mar 10, 2018

I sometimes feel like the nonviolence movement has just further empowered the bullies among us. Call me a Neanderthal if you will but sometimes people need a literal kick in the butt.

@Blindbird agreed!
I went on Tulane campus to support these anti war collage kids with there tent city right before we sent troops in to Afghanistan. They had signs up and stuff and I swear to God, they were singing Kumbaya! Anyway, some assholes come into the area and start breaking signs and tearing up stuff. I get into the face of one of the guys asking him wtf he was doing! He looks at me and says, "what are you going to do, you are a bunch of pacifist." I told him, "I'm not a pacifist and you are about to find out." We had a stare off for a little bit then he left. I respect most pacifist but I couldn't be a pacifist.

@JeffB yes. It's a conundrum. I love pacifists and their ideologies but they're so vulnerable to brute force.

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