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Our law enforcement has killed one white person who was a mass murderer and eight indigenous people since April 8.

MsHoliday 8 June 17
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Our police need to learn that their job is law enforcement, not racism enforcement.

More training and specialized divisions, within law enforcement.

@MsHoliday Yes, those are important. We also need to make sure the right responders are sent to each situation. Why an armed, presumably under trained police officer was sent to check on the wellness of a young aboriginal woman escapes me. This is particularly wrong when the police forces have established mistrust between them and minorities.


That is atrocious

bobwjr Level 10 June 18, 2020

Nice correction ☺


Holy crap! Murdered by a wellness check! That's freaking insane!!


Yup. I've told americans that our Indigenous are treated as poorly as African Americans in the states. They make up the majority of people in our prisons, they make up a huge portion of the street homeless in cities (like mine) and they have terrible rates of poverty and poor access to health or food when they live in food deserts or on reserves up north. This is all backed by criminal justice and homelessness and poverty data by the way. I learned about this in my criminology and sociology courses.

Thank you!


too many for sure but I do have a question about the woman in Edmunston NB. As far as I know it was in a city apartment and from pictures I've seen she doesn't look aborginal so how would the responding officer know any different?

I suspect they were either on the rez, or in a known native community, or she might be known to Police. That was a good question, because I know blue-eyed blonde's that are native I know redheads that are native, I know black people that are native.


It has to change,To many Indigenous people being killed over hatred and racism, Police are going to have to start weeding there own out to combat this plus much more education for all

RoyMillar Level 9 June 17, 2020

I think more training, more social workers, more specialized people to deal with ongoing issues in our society, that police have no training in.

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