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Happy St Paddy's day to all the Irish.
according to my DNA i'm 27% gaelic & my name translates to "devotee of St Patrick."
now enjoying a glass of Jameison's whisky.

callmedubious 8 Mar 17
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I have irish in me from my mother side and Scottish from dads side

RoyMillar Level 9 Mar 18, 2021

Sounds like a very similar mix to my own! Three quarters Scots and one quarter Irish....but I have no Canadian!

@Marionville well 3/4 Scotch and a 1/4 Irish makes for a very potent drink lol

@RoyMillar it sure does!

@Marionville from what i can understand about Irish/Scots DNA, there is no significant difference. they're all gaelic/celtic & mainly descended from the same settlers from the Iberian peninsula & the vikings.
my DNA shows IRE, SCOT, WALES 27%, Scandinavia 22%, Iberian peninsula 13%. the other high % is W.Europe 27%.


A bit of Irish DNA back several generations but I enjoyed a few pints with friends at our favourite pub yesterday - perfect!

Not so lucky here in the “old country” pubs open to wet the shamrock! ☘️

@Marionville such a shame. same in the Republic of Ireland too?

@bookofmorons Yes...same in both parts of Ireland. No pubs, restaurants or any licensed premises open on the island of Ireland at present, due to the pandemic.

@Marionville ah yes. thought it might pertain to "the Troubles" but of course that makes more sense.

Pubs were open here but at 50% max and mandatory masks except when seated


I'm half Irish. That's why I'm a born storyteller. Not a drinker.

Here are my mother and grandmother, both 100% Irish.

Here in Ireland...”full Irish” refers to a cooked Irish breakfast! .....bacon, eggs, sausage, kidneys, tomato, soda bread, potato bread....and washed down with copious mugs of strong tea!

That sounds more like it...a true Irish heritage!


According to my DNA test I am 96% English, whiter than Wonder Bread but I will raise a glass in your honour.

Surfpirate Level 9 Mar 17, 2021
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