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I am so tired of hearing Americans who insist that if things don't go the way they like in their country then they will just move to Canada. It's not an open border that you can just move across and stay permanently. If you have problems with your democracy then fix it.

SnowyOwl 7 Jan 14
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This is a very insightful piece and certainly sounds a wakeup call about a situation I hadn't thought about. I would like to add a couple of details.

  1. The presenter makes a good point that this scenario is very unlikely..However, there would be more problems than he mentions. Canada has a housing shortage as it is so finding accommodation for "milllions" of Americans (or anyone else) would be a real challenge. We would probably need as many shipping containers for people as for guns. (Funny thing here, Canada has managed to accumulate a surplus of shipping containers because we import most things in containers, but export most things in bulk).

  2. Americans who anticipate such and event should consider opening a Canadian bank account in one of out Canadian banks in the U.S. (TD, RBC, CIBC, etc.) The Canadian dollar and coins (except pennies) are the only legal currency in Canada. Most Canadian businesses accept American dollars as a courtesy and do the exchange because they want your business. Our banks can accommodate this at the numbers that tourist season brings, but if the influx is much greater than that it will be a problem. American credit cards, based in what will be a war zone are unlikely to get you far.

  3. Felonies are different in the U.S. than in Canada, and immigrants or refugees (asylum seekers) will be judged by Canadian felonies, not American.

  4. You will not be able to get Canadian health care immediately until you have established residency in a province or territory. Be prepared to pay for health care (there'e that Canadian # bank account again).

  5. NATO using Canada as a staging ground is a natural. We always have NATO troops and air forces training here because we have a commodity that is scarce in Europe - space, millions of uninhabited hectares of it. It is ideal for tank, artillery, bombing and mock dogfights over nobody. So, NATO is already here and trained on North American territory. Most Canadians (and Americans) are not aware that Britain added 30,000 troops to their BNA (Canadian) contingents during the American Civil War. nobody noticed them.I understand that NATO troops also train in the US, so they are aware of American conditions.

As I said, this is a thoughtful presentation and we hope that the lessons learned in the American Civil War are clear enough that an insurrection would be unlikely.Keeping it unlikely is going to require, patience, education, and dialogue.


Yeah Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Columbia are better bets.

Australia's no good fer yer merkin person: ya can't stone the flamin' crows, there's kangaroo loose in the top paddocks, and socialism is rife.


love how some Americans talk about countries like Afghanistan and and why don't they fix their own problems instead of moving to America. These same folks talk about leaving America because of the problems here. Ironic, isn't it?

FvckY0u Level 7 Jan 14, 2022

When my wife and I were living abroad in South and Central America we would hear this all the time, first from the Dems fleeing Bush and then from the Repubs fleeing Obama, very few even bothered to try and learn to speak Espanol. Thankfully, most of them went 'Home' after a year or two and the rest just drank themselves into an early grave, absolutely reprehensible for the most part.
This from someone who has traveled throughout the lower 48 states except for 3 and has many American friends but this mindset that 'I am an American and I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want is far too pervasive'. No surprise that most Americans don't have a passport, they don't think that they need one.


Yes, we have enough of our own issues to have to put up with theirs too.


. . . had my number come up, I would have :




I have a good friend in town, he moved to Canada from the Carolinas when he was drafted even though he is deaf in one ear from a childhood disease. He can stay but he applied lawfully and was granted asylum and the rest of the Americans need to understand that you have to apply to move to Canada, it is not an American right to go wherever they please.

@SnowyOwl, agreed. But it's not as black and white or as simple as it seems. There's a lot of interconnection between the two countries and a massive, mostly unguarded, border. I split the last 40 years living below and above the 49th parallel. Their problems are ours and vice versa (whichever their refers to). I'd argue that Canadians have as much, if not more, rights to the USA than Americans do to Canada. I love both countries and wouldn't be able to choose one over the other. It's complicated!

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