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The editor of saw through the scam of the Freedom Convoy before it even arrived in Ottawa. This isn't about truckers but is all about a far right political agenda and the truckers are giving it legitimacy.

SnowyOwl 8 Feb 8
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I'm ashamed of ''our'' Canadians, the scump-like quoting, & the US support of this just adds to their hatred.

Yes, we're all sick of the pandemic & it's restrictions, but this nonsense is just that....nonsense!

I'm 75 years old, high risk, fully vaccinated & boostered, but am still imprisoned in my house because I can't trust other people! Never thought I'd spend my senior years with other people running what's left of my life.

I read a post a couple of days back where it was suggested that if Canadian seniors are at risk then they should stay locked in their homes until they either expire or feel safe to come outside again.

@SnowyOwl I heard that too. Pretty much describes my life now.....haven't been anywhere since early Dec. Now we have grocery delivery here, I don't even get out for food.

@Lilac-JadeCanada My mom is in her mid-80's and tore a tendon in her shoulder, now she can't even drive, this has been extra hard on her, losing more of her freedom.

@SnowyOwl It's terrible for us seniors. We drive scooters, but going out on them in the winter snow & ice, is not a great idea either. Plus anything more than about minus 5-6*C. is too much.


These people like Tamara Lich who want to break away and form their own right wing province are not unlike some people in the northern part of my state who want to break away from California and form a new state called Jefferson. They proudly drive around in their oversized pick up trucks, “rolling coal,” waving large flags and Trump banners, unmasked and unvaccinated and evidently unemployed—mothertruckers!


Can't say I'm surprised. When I look at the locals involved in the protest not hard to spot some very shady characters

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Posted by bookofmoronsheard that nonsense from the local and Ottawa tantrum convoy at least a dozen times. If you're gonna "overthrow the government", you should at least know which country you're in.

Posted by SnowyOwlJust for Laughs. :D

Posted by QuidamOutrepont"Don't be sad. We could be in Ottawa, living in tyranny."

Posted by SnowyOwlSoon the occupiers who feel privileged will realize that privileges are not rights and hopefully leave and go home.

Posted by SnowyOwlIt's easy to believe that you are in the majority when you live in an echo chamber.

Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

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