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Ninety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit. They are protesting a proper border vaccination mandate that both the U.S. and Canada approve. If they don't want to get quarantined get a vaccination. This is for @ofthemountain you are a coward and blocked me, I guess the truth hurts and when you see that 85% of Canadians are fully vaccinated and the truckers are 90% vaxxed you can see that the real majority of Canadians are against the protests. These protesters (I used to drive long haul tractor trailers) do not represent the majority of truckers, just the loud minority. People like ofthemountain are not anti-vaxx they are pro viruses, they have no reasonable excuse for not getting vaccinated.

Babyoda 8 Feb 10
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The people behind this are white supremacist anarchists. They talk about "pure bloodlines", a lot of NAZ*I vibes ( some flags too). The people who showed up with them were duped . A real Dunning Kruger Effect parade of the stupids-don't get me started.
These leaders want to overthrow the government, they got dummies to help.
90% of truckers are vaccinated and working. Over 80% of Canadians have 2 shots.51% have 3. Basically all of the Covid restrictions will be going away in about 2 weeks.
Some of these people are local to me. A high percentage are very religious,Netherlands Reformed types. Full bible believers( except for the parts that talk about obeying laws and the authority of government). Frankly these people frighten me. Not logical or able to think for themselves whatsoever.


Aaaaahhhh, actual, plain TRUTH!
A few of our posters who get their "news" from Fox & Newsmax & that ilk, should read this.
And they will, but torture it into something weird, Again. sigh

AnneWimsey Level 9 Feb 11, 2022

Thank you for clarifying this. Truckers can be boneheads also.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 10, 2022

its not about vaccines anymore

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