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Any thoughts on Pope Francis' "apology" ?

Personally it was the old "few rogue elements" position with nothing about the role of "The Church" itself in this and countless other crimes committed across the globe and the ages

Day later and dollar short Francis

bookofmorons 8 July 27
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A carefully worded apology that was a crock of crap.

There was no real apology accepting responsibility for their churches policies, and practices, the coverups, knowingly protecting sex offenders (priest’s) from all over the world. They did not take any responsibility for anything.

Giving the Pope one of the highest honours of a headdress. I couldn’t believe it. I freakin saw red. Once I calmed down, Stockholm Syndrome came to mind. The indigenous are a better humans than I am. I would not be forgiving the church, the priest’s or that Pope. What a damn farce.

Zero times. Not a word of the Doctrine of Discovery. Still no accountability.

MsHoliday Level 8 July 27, 2022

My thoughts exactly


Sorry doesn't cover anything. Ongoing positive ACTIONS need to be forefront!!! I also think if he had to come to Canada to do this, the first stop should have been Kamloops!!!! It's the first place to locate those graves, & it's not even in his itinerary!!! Hypocrites, the lot of these churchites.

Mass [no pun intended] resignations from the church would make a better impact.


Unless his apology includes 100% cooperation with law enforcement to identify past and current abusers, it's somewhere between meaningless and insulting. Literally one of these "schools" was operating less than 100 miles from where I went to grade school. We think of evil taking place in far away lands, not suburban Canada.

Druvius Level 8 July 27, 2022

often at the church down the street too

We had one here in my town too.


He could do something now about the abuses happening now!

Buttercup Level 8 July 27, 2022

When the church runs interference to protect “rogue elements” for centuries you have to start to wonder, why? 🤔🥴😡

Garban Level 8 July 27, 2022

standard operating procedure near as I can tell

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