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the whole liberal party become millionaires

1patriot 7 Feb 25
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He is in Canada.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 25, 2024

yes but the liberals in the USA are the same bunch of crooks....trudeau is 8th cousin to hillary!

@1patriot so are you...Everybody is an eight cousin to everybody else.
Ever see any Kevin Bacon films????

@annewimsey500 you ain't fucking related to me!

@annewimsey500 show me your proof or article of that explain that proof. I have a name my father was born in Bismarck ND there only 1000 of us in the USA and they are all over the place and we have about 200 in Canada.

@annewimsey500 stop picking on him you know he can't count.

@glennlab it was an otherwise boring day......

@1patriot 'Ya know there are other adjectives besides "fucking" in the Queen's English. Being of the Commonwealth, one might be more grateful to those who provide you with such a high standard of living.

@Mooolah well it isn't this phucking crowd that has high standard of living they do phuck all freeloaders of the military and school teacher that teach woke to your children

@annewimsey500 i knew you couldn't find the info you wanted i give 24 hrs so your point is moot

@1patriot what info??????
Do you actually think I or any sane person would bother to reply to anything you asked?
You have demonstrated with every post that you do not even know what an actual Fact is, and reply with abuse and really, really predictable repetitive and deficient language.

@annewimsey500 ok so your mumble shit out of your mouth with out any investigation or real knowledge.


Anne didn't have any investigative proof from the media , politicans, or drug cartels that my unvaxxed stand was a terrorist organization against the whole world. Vaccine didn't kill her off of people who are nearing 80 years or older on the stay home drug cartel drugs zombie program. . Since legal drug cartels and doctors errors is the leading cause of death in the world. Maybe this next time vaccines push will finally do her in, not wishing on it, just the facts jack.

@Castlepaloma well and i was warning as much as i can but they seem to have a lot of Annie shows above

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Posted by 1patriotthe whole liberal party become millionaires

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