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Ready, or not Ontario, Ford is your next premier.

Slava3 7 June 7
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You can be sure that by the time his reign of economic terror is over the Ford family's wealth will have increased exponentially


Sadly all the crap I sent to friends and family in the states for they're voting in of Trump, has now come back to haunt me. I put it down to greed and the far right!
We as have our US counter parts have now regressed fifty years ... or more time will tell! Dark days ahead I fear!

Mistral Level 5 June 8, 2018

Born and raised in The Beaches, Toronto has always been about the money and the pursuit of it. Ford told people what they wanted to hear and bought them off with their own tax dollars, he knows the audience he played to so he gave them what they thought they wanted but they will find out it was a bad deal in a year or two - just like the Trumpers are starting to find out.


We're in for interesting times.

Betty Level 8 June 8, 2018

I voted Green but at least the NDP got in instead of the PC's in my riding. That steaming pile of dog shit Ford is absolutely revolting.

Surfpirate Level 9 June 8, 2018

That really sucks. He is so Trumpish it makes me sick. He will roll back environmental protections, and sell off green space to developers. He is also against equal pay and women’s reproductive rights. ?

We didn't have any good ones to choose from. I just voted for the one I thought sucked the least.

@Heather2367 I closed me eyes too. ? it’s a sad day when the available roster of candidates all belong in some sort of lockable institution.


First Harper, now Ford. Maybe we're not smarter than the US after all....

Arouet Level 7 June 7, 2018

We are dumbed out like the Americans. We have to get off that dark cloud that sorrounds everything conservative and start to take new challenges like voting for someone that has good values. The PCs are a contradiction in terms. Now watch how fast we are going to get into Trump-land (police brutality, destroying the middle class, destroying education, and many more).


Good luck!

Lukian Level 8 June 7, 2018
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