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It will be interesting to see how this decision will unfold.


Lukian 8 June 8
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As an Albertan, all I can say is I thought the people of Ontario were smarter than they apparently are.


Those of us from Alberta can tell you exactly how it will unfold. We've had "populist" politicians here forever. Our archetype was Ralph Klein, an ignorant, brutal, drunken nincompoop whom everyone loved because he was ..."just like us..." warts and all. Like Klein, Ford will cut taxes for his friends, The resulting shortfall in cash flow will result in cuts to non-essential, frills such as education, health and environmental protection as well as tax increases for everyone else. He will claim that massive savings can be made by increasing efficiency in government departments. No one will check this claim because they want to believe it, and, of course, most cannot manage grade 5 maths. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Arouet Level 7 June 8, 2018

Ol Ralphy was a curmudgeon all right, drank with him once at Dusty's Saloon back in the late 80's after the whole Bums and Creeps, let them freeze in the dark episode. For the little man but mainly just for Ol Ralphy as populist politicians tend to be. Ford is far darker and every bit as much the idiot which is probably why the Liberals wanted him to win when they realized they were headed for the political wilderness. It will be much easier for the Liberals to gain a handle on power after 4 years of suffering under this buffoon, expect damage along the lines of Rome sacking Carthage and sowing their fields with salt.


He's a politician. My views on politicians are not favorable so I don't believe he will be any less greedy than any other politician.

Betty Level 8 June 8, 2018

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Posted by QuidamOutrepontSome major change

Posted by bookofmoronsheard that nonsense from the local and Ottawa tantrum convoy at least a dozen times. If you're gonna "overthrow the government", you should at least know which country you're in.

Posted by SnowyOwlJust for Laughs. :D

Posted by QuidamOutrepont"Don't be sad. We could be in Ottawa, living in tyranny."

Posted by SnowyOwlSoon the occupiers who feel privileged will realize that privileges are not rights and hopefully leave and go home.

Posted by SnowyOwlIt's easy to believe that you are in the majority when you live in an echo chamber.

Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

Posted by bookofmoronsSeems history does repeat itself

Posted by bookofmoronsand there you have it

Posted by MsHolidayAn immunocompromised man who ran across Canada as an act to unite and to raise funds for medical research. 💔

Posted by bookofmoronsHopefully we can all agree on this

Posted by bookofmoronspretty much spot on?

Posted by SnowyOwlWhen the weather forecast keeps coming up with Deep Freeze Weather Warnings it is important to maintain a positive mental attitude and a twisted Canadian sense of humour.

Posted by Heather2367Let's go for dinner!

Posted by bookofmoronsSounds about right

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