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Good morning. I'm new here. Living in Rural Land, Ontario, retired but still working and rescuing dogs. Just wanted to say 'Hello'.

snikkers 5 July 8
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Hello I live in Alberta, don't rescue dogs none the less I have two rescue dogs and one rescue cat. Welcome to the group.


Welcome. I'm in rural Manitoba and I am a foster for rescue dogs. Enjoy the group!

Tommy19 Level 7 July 9, 2018

Do you rescue a particular breed, Tommy?

@snikkers no I just go with what the shelter has. Currently it's Betty, a bull terrier/pointer cross and we are considering a German shepherd. He's a lovely boy, only 3 legs but lots of courage.


Hello and welcome to our little corner of the web. 🙂

Betty Level 8 July 9, 2018

Welcome, I lived just north of Orillia in the late 90's, just a kilometer up the road from the old Sundial Inn on Lake Couchiching. A nicer bunch of atheists you will be hard pressed to find but then we are all Canadians (well we actually let a few Yankees in because of their roots or love of Canada but you know what I mean).

Surfpirate Level 9 July 8, 2018

Hey Surfpirate, I lived on Lake Simcoe for a number of years before moving off the lake to Rural Land after my husband died. The property taxes on lakefront property are IN.SANE. Now I have a couple of acres just north of Webers where property taxes are sane but services are slim to none. Nothing's perfect, huh?

@snikkers I know the area well, had my wedding after party at a friends place in Cumberland Beach, that got a bit insane. lol I also used to be the Scout Leader for the Washago Troop.

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Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

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