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It sounds like Trudeau has decided to deal with Trump in a very Canadian fashion for dealing with someone with boorish behavior.
Just let the idiot ramble on in his usual idiotic manner, nod understandingly and then go ahead and do what you were going to do in the first place. Classic passive/aggressive Canadian response to the classic obnoxious American approach to every thing.

Surfpirate 9 July 13
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It is always about the US, around the US or for the US, & everyone else can go stuff themselves. Since that obnoxious, spoiled, arrogant, sociopath child got voted in, its even worse. My respect for the US has gone into the minus digits.

It reminds of a conversation I had with a woman in Silver City, Arizona a few years ago about the idea of a wall and how ridiculous an idea that was. She was shocked and her whole demeanor instantly changed, she was adamant that the US needed a wall with Mexico and once that was built they should build one with Canada too as it was the only way Americans would be safe. I tried to explain to her that Canada was one of Americas last true friends and her response was chilling - - 'America doesn't need any friends' just as cold as ice.

@Surfpirate I find that attitude stinks, & is spreading, & if they want to continue isolating themselves, there is no future. We used to visit the US quite often, but I will never go there again.

@Lilac-Jade I know how you feel, we have been paying extra for the last few years just to avoid having to change planes in the US and deal with their TSA which are just a bunch of gropers who traded up from a job flipping burgers at McDonalds. However I still have friends and family across the border so I can't say never.

@Surfpirate I know people now who refuse to fly simply for that groping reason, including some US friends.

As for us, we're too damn old to worry about travelling there now anyway. We did 2 Alaska cruises, & that's been enough.

@Surfpirate That attitude is awful.

@Lilac-Jade Which attitude and where? The xenophobic Trumpet attitude to everything not in the good ole US of A? There are lots of good people in the US but there are an awful lot of fucking retarded people with handguns too. I would like to think that we could just leave them alone until they kill each other off and we can go in an save the decent ones who have survived but somehow I don't think that is going to work, maybe some kind of international chemotherapy will work on this cancer.

@Surfpirate That woman you spoke with in Arizona is the attitude I was meaning.
I have lots of US friends too, but its the country in general I have lost respect for.


One particular aspect of all of this push to increase spending (2% being a past agreement), is 45 is trying to force deal every country that has not reached that limit to buy US made weapons (because they are the greatest and baddest). Is that part of the Art of the Deal?

Lukian Level 8 July 13, 2018

From baby formula to bombs, he's all about making the sale.

@Surfpirate get them young and keep them for ever... nope, that's McD.

@Lukian Or American patriotism, their school system tried to do that to my kids when my Ex married a US Marine officer, fortunately they had already had enough years in Canada to not succumb fully to the brain washing. All their American friends call them Canadians which I am always happy to see.

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