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from a year ago: Report: Majority Of Canadians Claim Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Of particular note, Quebec, an area long victimized by the Roman Catholic Church, is exceptionally hostile to religious superstition. Global News reports:

Compared to the rest of Canada, Quebecers are significantly more likely than residents of other provinces to feel religion does more harm than good (62 per cent). They’re also more inclined (18 per cent) to lose respect for people when they find out they are religious.

That's what happens when you rape young boys, people tend to not forget that easily.


Lukian 8 July 23
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And locking people in a prison of doctrine and dogma. No questing or questioning allowed. No wonder 50 % of R.C. churches in the US have no priest.

Tommy19 Level 7 July 23, 2018

I live in the evangelical province of Alberta, where stupid spreads like a plague. I wish I just had Roman catholics to contend with. Hell the insane fucks have even built a creationist museum/church/restaurant/education centre, called Dino's in my hometown. Sometime I wish we had more real Canadians living in this province.


@Lukian It is in Innisfail and it is definitely a "What". The property and the building cost well over a million dollars of magic Jesus donations.

@HeathenFarmer tax free? I mean untaxed?

@Lukian Yes, it is a church after all. Here in Alberta there is over a million evangelicals, most of which are literal bilbists and creationists. They were the main politic force in the Wildrose Party and now control the United Conservative Party. There are a lot of the in Saskatchewan as well. Federally they control the Conservative Party of Canada, Harper was one, Jason Kenny is one and Andrew Scheer is one.

@HeathenFarmer so AB ans SK is our bible belt?

@Lukian Parts of it like most of the area around here.

@HeathenFarmer I had a cousin from Stetttler. Not far from you.

@Tommy19 Here is an example; the local weekly paper gave the whole front page to the story that the Alliance Church pastor was leaving. Not to mention the creationist museum in town, a million plus parcel of land and large building owned by the church. Don't know about Stettler but here and South is Prairie Bible Institute country.


The arsehole may stop hurting but that pain never goes away, I say we tax the bastards until they have nothing left and have to go back to Rome.

Surfpirate Level 9 July 23, 2018

I lose respect as well, & I'm from BC.

love the West coast!

@Lukian I'm mid province.

@Lilac-Jade ok I should have said... I love BC!

@Lukian Yes, its beautiful here, & we have it all....lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, forests, wildlife...……...

@Lilac-Jade and fruits, mild weather...

@Lukian Oh yes, our wonderful BC fruits, & vegetables! We also have a local farm which has the absolute best corn ever, & the variety is a secret!

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