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First past the post is how Drug Ford is changing Ontario in his image.

Science-guy 8 Oct 27
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TRump's mini-me will do just as much damage. But he did not get even forty percent of the eligible voters. It actually works out that less than 25% of the people have 100% of the power. And of course that dipshit Ford thinks he has a mandate for everything. The problem is he doesn't really have a mandate for much. This was not a pro-Ford election along with his phantom platform it was an anti-Wynne election with the people being fed up with the Liberals. What we got was a gang of crooks that are perfectly happy to run rough-shod over democracy and reason.

Simmer51 Level 6 Nov 3, 2018

mini Trump is going to reshape Ontario for you.

1ROBROY2 Level 7 Oct 29, 2018

Don't forget his buck a beer statement as well.


ya.. FPTP is not really democratic.. but i remember when they tried to do a referendum on it.. the problem with any other system is its so fucking hard to explain how it works.. more democratic.. yes.. but any other system seems to confuse the heck out of them..
i personally would be surprised if it ever changes..

hippydog Level 8 Oct 28, 2018

I await the report from London Ontario


They held a referendum on it, here in Kingston. The referendum passed but not with 51% of voters casting ballots so it is nonbinding, how convenient.

Surfpirate Level 9 Oct 27, 2018

London, Ontario just had their first proportional representation election. A first in Canada


He really seems like a total shitheel. It's like watching a really bad used car salesman.

Umbral Level 8 Oct 27, 2018

He's nothing compared to his US counterpart president dumb ass an vice pres dick head.

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