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Who knew? LOL


maxhyde 7 Dec 12
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I enjoy satire. Although this is not irony, It reminds me of the time a conservative MP raised a question in parliament about Myriam Bédard when she won several medals in the winter olympics for biathlon and cross-country skiing. Said something to the effect that Canadians should start to worry about Québecers proficient in shooting and fast at cross country skiing when separation is declared. This was during the first strong debates about the national gun registry.

Lukian Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

I remember that and when we actually had to register guns but Quebec is never going to separate. I think Texas will leave the US and become a country before Quebec would leave Canada

@maxhyde I remember going on business in Halifax and I was told that the gun registry was a plot from Québec to get the numbers on how many guns were out in Canada in the event of a violent separation. When I questioned that a little, the person in question was alluding to the fact that the Polytechnique killing in Montréal was a false flag operation to kick start the public opinion for the gun registry. I was stunned!!
as for separation, it's a dying idea.

@Lukian Yeah I am sure the conspiracy theories ran wild. Polytechnique is probably one of the saddest, most disappointing moments in Canadian history that I have been alive for and can remember. Agreed but when they were voting in their referendum the sentiment from where i grew up was "F*ck them they wanna leave...go and good riddance". I always thought where i was from was narrow minded and it continues today


I haven't had my feet knives out this winter yet, better have them sharpen first before I go a slashing.


Reminds me of a lovely scene in "Limitless." 🙂

Druvius Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

Well kept secret

Davekp Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

Fake news.


I have an open carry permit for mine lol

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Posted by QuidamOutrepontSome major change

Posted by bookofmoronsheard that nonsense from the local and Ottawa tantrum convoy at least a dozen times. If you're gonna "overthrow the government", you should at least know which country you're in.

Posted by SnowyOwlJust for Laughs. :D

Posted by QuidamOutrepont"Don't be sad. We could be in Ottawa, living in tyranny."

Posted by SnowyOwlSoon the occupiers who feel privileged will realize that privileges are not rights and hopefully leave and go home.

Posted by SnowyOwlIt's easy to believe that you are in the majority when you live in an echo chamber.

Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

Posted by bookofmoronsSeems history does repeat itself

Posted by bookofmoronsand there you have it

Posted by MsHolidayAn immunocompromised man who ran across Canada as an act to unite and to raise funds for medical research. 💔

Posted by bookofmoronsHopefully we can all agree on this

Posted by bookofmoronspretty much spot on?

Posted by SnowyOwlWhen the weather forecast keeps coming up with Deep Freeze Weather Warnings it is important to maintain a positive mental attitude and a twisted Canadian sense of humour.

Posted by Heather2367Let's go for dinner!

Posted by bookofmoronsSounds about right

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