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The Canadian position on same sex marriage summed up perfectly, just watch where you're putting that stick unless you have permission. 😉

Surfpirate 9 Mar 27
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A more significant question would be "How are Canadians who dislike hockey viewed?" Are they discriminated against and how would you feel if they lived next door to you?

I'm an interloper from Australia. I get bored with all the anti xtian posts, so I poke my head in here and the UK group. I'm an atheist but really religion doesn't factor in my life at all and never has, just like most from the developed world. I'm thinkin' of starting a group called "The Rest of the World" wadya rekkon mate? 😉

Do you skate? Have you ever played a game of pick up hockey on a frozen pond or even just a bit of street hockey as a kid? I suppose it is a bit like Australian Rules Football or Rugby, it's complex.
That said, I am a 9th generation Canadian with a hockey/lacrosse culture (lacrosse is the official sport of Canada but it is too brutal for most of the world who just barely gets their head around hockey) in my blood - but - I haven't been to a live hockey game in more than 25 years when I was dating a gal with seasons tickets to the Calgary Flames.
To some Canadians, hockey is their life blood and that's okay but personally I just don't think they have learned to dream big enough. Maybe Later?

@Surfpirate mate.....snow is too brutal for me! I saw it once and once was enough. 😀 . I recall rollerskating in the '70s when I was just a youngster. My question was just a bit of frivolity. 😀

@Surfpirate Actually we had hockey at school and I even recall lacrosse. No ice in sight tho.

@MsDemeanour Even my friends in Tas don't get what I would call a winter, 5 to 6 months of bone chilling cold is more like it, that's why we throw rocks down the ice and sweep with brooms for sport or at least what Canadians call sport, the bar is low when you grew up with only 3 television channels. I appreciate that you were just taking the piss, having lived in the tropics for much of my life I completely understand.



LB67 Level 7 Mar 27, 2019

Marriage is simple .2 human beings getting married ,,rest is mind games, leave gender ,race colour etc out of it does not matter,,only thing that does is these two are happy and contributing constructive to society as a whole

RoyMillar Level 9 Mar 27, 2019

Such an obvious conclusion to reach, you would think.

Yes simple and down to basics,,more things need to be put down to lowest common denominator and leave the rest out,,and bring common sense back


Adnan has got it right. Don't care if you play for Les Canadiens or Les Canadiennes, It's gotten boring to even talk about it. People are people and that's it.

Simmer51 Level 6 Mar 27, 2019
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