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Secular Connexion Séculière has made a formal request to the Waterloo Region District School Board for two accommodations that will protect the right to freedom from religion for non-believing students. For details go to: []

DougTElmira 6 Aug 20
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That is one reason the I have written a secular version of O Canada in both languages. The English version, by the way has been changed many times (four times by its author himself) so changing it is not an assault on some holy grail. Go to [] for the secular words.

The playing of a theist anthem or asking students to memorize a theist anthem is forcing religion on students.

I did not know you wrote these words when I wrote my comment below.You wrote terre pour nos enfants but terre de nos aieux was fine it means forefathers or ancestors and rimes with glorieux.You then wrote,et tu supports nos choix the verb supporter in this case would need and e to go with the s,so it would be,supportes.
It is hard to explain but this phrase sounds strange to the ear in French and I sure do not know how to change words to a song.For the verb tremper it would not need an e at the end of trempé because espoir is masculine whereas foix is feminine.
The words foix trempée or espoir trempé are a literary phrasing not used now in 2019.It is just some constructive critcism.I do support the idea to change it.


The lyrics were changed in the '50s like the Americans did to theirs.The big bad commies were coming and we added god in the lyrics.Let us go back to the original.Wikipedia does not mention this part.I doubt this will work as someone has already gone all the way to the Supreme Court because you have to swear to someone elses queen and god to join the army.
They failed.I had refused to say it decades before and I just said ''her majmumble mumble Elizabeth the quawm of mumblemumble ,and instead of god I said dog.'' The monarch part I can understand it is our system till changed and the law but that our Supreme Court would be on the side of leaving the word God there and forcing someone to say it under oath is very strange to me.

actofdog Level 8 Aug 21, 2019

"God" was added in 1980 by Pierre E. Trudeau in the National Anthem Act.

@DougTElmira Really,oh o.k.Thank you,I don't like writing things that are wrong.

Thanks for the editing of the French version. I'll fix it on the site. I changed "native land" to "cherished land" and "aieux" to "pour nos enfants" because both the originals exclude immigrants and several pointed that out to me. I can live with the non-rhyme between "enfants" and "glorieux."

@DougTElmira I never even thought of that for native land.That is a good point about aieux I had heard someone say that many years ago.It starts being hard to fit all that and rhyme and have it actually sound ok in a It would sound weird.A musician and soung writer and translator would be needed.Again I want to say I was not critisizing it just trying to help.I like the idea behind the changes.Cheers.

I think the word you're looking for is "discuss" - always a good thing. Your comments are helpful. Thanks.


The "O Canada" anthem has some very strong religious roots. It was commissioned by a Quebec Lieutenant Governor to be presented on Saint John the Baptist Day in 1880, the holiday of the patron saint of the French Canadians.

I think the words should be changed in both languages to be secular,it would harder in French to change it,the whole song would need to change.I like that you mentioned that Saint-Jean Baptiste day was created for French speaking Canadians not just for Québec.We celebrated this day in my school and church as a child.I was an atheist and I was not keen about that part but my church and school were pretty progressive for catholics and left me alone about my beliefs.


Sorry disagree with you there,,ok about religion free at schools but Singing O canada,,That is standing up for our country regardless which version you wish to sing or change the words ,It makes us proud of who we are,,All the great wars that were fought by our for fathers and relatives that lost there life in order that we can have that privledge ,I agree separating religion and state but the national anthem is just that National and all encompassing ,Sure you may have some dis agreements fine ,nobody likes 100% of anything at times, but certain instances like this one,those disagreements should be that but one does remain pround and remeber all the soldiers that perished so you have this right

RoyMillar Level 9 Aug 20, 2019

I agree.As a kid I would just lip sync dog in the anthem and in French at school would just lip sync the religious parts.

We are just proposing to change the words, not abandon the anthem. We would like every person in Canadian society to be able to sing the anthem with pride and without hesitation. This is a bit of a pipe dream since some people get lathered about singing "stand on guard for thee." The words have been changed several times before.

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