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I grew up in Imperial (except for sciences in school) and while I love metric . . . this pretty much explains how I/we use it LMAO

bookofmorons 8 Sep 4
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It's a bit entertaining when you look at the British and they use a mix of imperial and metric but in reverse (distances in miles, peoples height in cm, etc)


Kee-cotton-picking-ryst! Somebody does something worse that we Yankees do it?

I need evidence of that but I’m 88 and don’t want to move to Canada and start school again.

yvilletom Level 8 Sep 5, 2019

It's funny how the metric system was adopted in the seventies but the imperial system still remains in people's habits. When they talk about a missing person in the news and they tell his height and his weight in metric, it doesn't ring much of a bell with me.


in the late 80s the Mulrooney government (Conservatives - surprise surprise) decided to keep metric but allow business to advertise in imperial. This means that a grocery store can advertise hamburger at a 1/lb but they have to sell it to you in grams . . makes sense doesn't it?


Wikipedia even addresses the confusing Canadian metric / imperial system. It’s quite interesting.


Yeah, pretty much using both.


Interesting but complicated .

Besalbub Level 8 Sep 4, 2019

Not when you're actually using them both.

@Lilac-Jade I remember when the metric system was tried out in the USA it didn't go over big , I wish it had fractions are a pain .

@Besalbub It wasn't that easy here either at first, but it depends on what you're doing, & it wasn't long before we were interchanging them. You look at the temperature in your house in metric for instance, & it doesn't take long to figure out what is comfortable. We shop in the grocery store with both pounds, & kilograms, it all works out.

@lilac-jade Yes US does not like the metric system,but you have it unknowingly in a lot of things you do not see,,car industriy uses metric now as most stuff is made over seas and some take that system and stuff,,I say ok,,give me all your money and i will dispose of it for you,,most us do not releize their money is metric but they do love it lol

@RoyMillar Yes, most things are metric, know it or not.

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