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MsHoliday 8 Oct 21
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The percentages are reversed as 2/3 of Canadians vote on average but the problem is that the knuckle dragging Regressives tend to turn out in droves. If you look at the election results you find Progressive Urban Areas that are surrounded by Regressive Rural Areas, usually the median age is much older in the Rural areas and they vote for regressive policies that are full of xenophobia and climate change denial.

Surfpirate Level 9 Oct 22, 2019

We voted in the advanced polls. Easier access for our scooters in the seniors center.


Have voted already in the Quinte Riding,Trenton/ Belleville ,polls suggest liberal will win here,,but he is an exceptional politician that gets a lot done for his riding and the country as a whole also

RoyMillar Level 9 Oct 21, 2019

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Posted by 1patriot Pillar Rock near Falkland, with a 7 ton boulder sitting on top of a 90 foot pillar of rock and sandstone in the middle of the woods, is something to behold pillar lake BC Canada John Eaton ...

Posted by 1patriot10 doses in 3 years is not a vaccine. It’s an extermination. Cancer mortality:

Posted by 1patriot[] he is now a she who is possible working with the CCP, treason comes to mind

Posted by 1patriotUnintended consequences?

Posted by bookofmoronsTotally pumped for the 2024 eclipse and so far the weather is excellent! Fingers crossed it stays that way for the next few hours!!! BTW: Did anyone realize that its not just an American eclipse?

Posted by 1patriotDon't talk about the Government or you will pay ! []

Posted by 1patriot[facebook.

Posted by 1patriotCanada's new hate crimes you can be charge if they think you don't like them

Posted by 1patriotPiece shit traitor

Posted by 1patriot⚫️🚨 Canada is implementing a law designed to preempt crime, ala “Minority Report” which will be selectively enforced against White citizens.

Posted by 1patriotNow we know what the Trudeau government was desperately trying to hide.

Posted by 1patriotI think it’s time we stop pretending and getting rid of fossil fuels will somehow solve all of the world, so-called climate problems! Robbie Picard

Posted by 1patriotKICKLEI is kicking off! With a dedication to all Canadian Patriots, Especially Those “Who Can`t Get to Ottawa.

Posted by 1patriotthe whole liberal party become millionaires

Posted by 1patriotDozens of Ottawa protestors file several lawsuits seeking tens of millions of dollars from the government, RCMP, banks, and others over the Emergency Act invocation that was ruled unconstitutional ...

Posted by 1patriotALL Native and Non-Native people of Canada will want to see this interview by Dan Dicks from Press For Truth [pressfortruth.

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