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I'm from Québec. This passed in my FB feed. I thought it was funny and somehow true. By the way, I am embarrassed that Québec's contribution to world gastronomy is poutine but anyway... ok now you can judge.

EDIT: I cut the large pic in smaller sections for clarity.

Lukian 8 Apr 20
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Poutine is not really food is it? More like scrumptious calorie decadence. But Quebec also has wonderful tourtieres and maple desserts like pudding chomeur, and also French pea soup with ham. Plus Montreal bagels!


This is proof that we need to find a way to save photos better. I'll put it higher on the list. What happens if you cut it into 3 photos?

Admin Level 8 Apr 21, 2018

I get the jist and laugh in your general direction lolol

Jellifish1 Level 5 Apr 20, 2018