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DEW spotted in Calgary

This weapon system mounted on a MOOG was spotted in Calgary, Alberta on February 28, 2024 under the guise of the Calgary Police Service. Special ops forces were congregating at a church parking lot, and a tactical vehicle was parked across the street watching.

"The directed energy weapon system in the photo is military grade, and used on military vehicles as well. The weapon system likely has microwave, millimeter wave, and laser capabilities.

The microwave weapon can produce more than a 100 megawatts of power, which is nearly 150,000 times more powerful than an average household microwave. The microwave and millimeter wave weapons can target broad areas like a group or crowd of people."

If you doubt that Canadian Police or Military forces would use this on Canadian civilians, think again. Reference the February 16, 2022 attacks on Canberra, Australia protesters who reported evidence of microwave radiation attacks.

1patriot 7 Mar 2
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This weapon has been used successfully by police in Canberra during the anti COVID demonstration on the lawns of Parliament house.
I have several friend from Moura QLD who formed convoy to protest in Canberra and came back with severe radiation burns, nausea, headaches and vomiting among other symptoms.
These people saw the truck with the mounted equipment aim at them. Those closest ended up seeking medical treatment. all suffered from ray burns which lasted weeks.


All NATO countries seem to be gearing up for war against "aggressive" Russia whilst aiding and abetting genocide in Gaza. Totally fucked up morals.

puff Level 8 Mar 2, 2024

it's looking that way, we (people) don't have any thing fight the Canadian army with.... and it usually the UN soldier that we go against unidentified army fatigues and the don't speak english.

@1patriot They want to drag Australia into NATO but the "A" in NATO is nowhere near Australia. It's empire building.

@1patriot Remember the good old days when conflict broke out, most countries immediately placed arms embargo's on them?
F'n Patriot Act.

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