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I'm asking for help: I live in Las Vegas where pot is legal. I have decided to use cannabis to help me sleep at night and need the correct type. I would prefer to smoke it, and I don't want to wake up with a hangover.

Outlier 7 Jan 8
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You’re gonna wanna go with Indica. There’s actually an app for that. It’s called PotBot. You select what condition or want to treat and it gives you a list of strains and their stats. Wish I could help more but I’m more of a sativa guy.

The people in the shops are really knowledgeable on the strains they have, too.

Yes Indica. And not going to cause a hangover. Weed does not do that.

Good luck! And ask the dispensary people too. They almost always are knowledgeable.

I'd recommend a water bong if you haven't smoked a lot before. It makes it less harsh. It does not dull the effect in the least.

@RavenCT Thanks.