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A Double Blast From Seven Years Past

Rossy92 8 Apr 15
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You had pooey potti mind & inclination 7 years ago? Have you now overcome this infantile trauma inducing psychoses or are you still struggling?
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FrayedBear Level 9 Apr 15, 2021

Or just besotted with the gorgeous ginger nut?

@FrayedBear 🥰 That you pose the question suggests that some long dormant stirring was roused in your frayed innards as well, eh?

@Rossy92 LMAO ROFL To my knowledge apart from additions since birth, my innards are not frayed. Just carrying an enormous gallstone & possibly kidney gravel.
As for long dormant stirrings I suspect that the sighting of the face of the gorgeous gingernut probably did result in a tightening of the scrotum & influx of blood to the nether regions. Indeed a long dormant reaction that is more a reflection on today's women rather than the state of my body!
As for any suggestion that I suffered infantile trauma through potti training the jury is still making its mind up as to what categories of cruel & inhuman behaviour were indeed practised on my infantile person.

@FrayedBear Given your well-documented hedonistic dietary practices, in combination with other "soft" lifestyle habits, color me skeptical regarding the degree to which your innards might be fraying. That you can still productively marshall blood to any location must speak volumes to a surprisingly still prurient mental affect, combined with the effect of the little blue pills which you wrongly cast aspersion about towards me.

@Rossy92 Me casting diversions! 🤣🤣🤣 According to the scale I weighed myself on today I have disapointingly remained the same weight as a year ago. Sadly I know this is an erroneous reading as my muscle condition has greatly reduced to be replaced with disgusting quanties of abdominal fat. My intestines however are very well regulated.

@FrayedBear You misapprehend my critique. In NONE of the above was I referring to intestinal issues. I was casting doubt on the health of your arterial and hormonal systems. Perhaps I might have chosen a word with more clarity than innards.

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