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What I do: I explore life as an adventure. I seek out awe, comedy, bewilderment, and truth. Iā€™m a perpetual student. I aspire to be creative and inventive. My hobbies include: magic, architecture, and promoting my next epiphany.

I meet with fellow magicians and perform when I can. I plan and take trips. I have a few humanitarian projects that I work on. I the bills as a researcher.

What Iā€™m good at. Finding the unseen. Making things. Intuiting and reading between the lines. I may not be so good at magic, but I enjoy it. Laughing at myself.

What you see: My positive attitude, patience, thoughtfulness. Visually, maybe my crazy hair, broad smile and flashing eyes!

Books: Octavia Butler, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins. Twain, Vonnegut...

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Surprised it doesn't say Florida man...
racocn8 comments on Jan 20, 2023:
Just your average southern white gentleman...
No refunds, No returns, No exchanges CASH ONLY
racocn8 comments on Jan 20, 2023:
Good for fake fire...
I ordered my tomato and bell pepper seeds yesterday... its garden season already!
racocn8 comments on Jan 19, 2023:
I planted a bunch of grass seed before all the rainstorms and already the bare spots are showing bright green...
So you can't even trust them with a vacuum cleaner? :-D
racocn8 comments on Jan 19, 2023:
"... and it was consensual..."
I call it being human and having compassion for my fellow humans.
racocn8 comments on Jan 19, 2023:
A security guard hustled a man out of the mall who was wearing a t-shirt. The t-shirt said "Jesus is the ONLY way" and below it, the "COEXIST" in symbols with a line through it. Meaning that the guy endorsed intolerance. This was in a context of complaining that the cop was too woke. I see no problem with telling haters they aren't welcome.
Idaho's 'faith-healing' exemption has led to more senseless child deaths
racocn8 comments on Jan 19, 2023:
And better yet, take the rest of their children away too.
A very Sad day! After 7 years of medical training & hard work, a very good friend of mine has been ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 19, 2023:
"...But it was consensual..."
What's his real name? And where did he get all that money?
racocn8 comments on Jan 18, 2023:
Given his connection to trump and the Russian oligarch, Santos is another Putin stooge, bought and paid for. Yet another traitor for Putin, fitting right into the Republican (Russian) Party. I guess all our so-called intelligence agencies are OK with this. Where the hell is the FBI? Oh yeah, Putin owns that too.
Pentagon is struggling to explain more than 170 fresh UFO reports, new document reveals ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 18, 2023:
Pro and anti-disclosure factions within the military-industrial intelligence complex have begun competing to direct policy and the public conversation. While the latest report supports the anti-disclosure position, the report is hedged in that while many reports could be given explanations, the remainder could NOT be explained. The claim that foreign actors are using drones to collect military intelligence is just as unfounded as the claim that UFOs are alien. The objects sighted at sea and by pilots display flight characteristics far exceeding drones. Notably, these new reports are coming from service personnel, either on military bases, near ships or at military training ranges. The point being that intelligence relating to the military is being gathered, and the frequency of this activity has increased significantly. It is not at all clear why aliens would have an interest in the military other than to ensure the capacity to disable them. Also note that the Chinese have observed these same UAP and have their own programs to collect information. For the moment, the anti-disclosure faction seems to be in control, so the Pentagon has refused to release any more videos (and there are many) nor detailed photos. However, the publicity has motivated angels to fund scientific research using state-of-the-art sensors and instrumentation. This new research may finally provide the kind of documentation the military is so cowardly in withholding. Most critically, the Pentagon is brazenly LYING when they say they don't know what these are. They know damn well what they are. Their denials should be taken for what it is - - sedition against their own country for corruption's-sake. Gee, where have we run into that before?
This is a bit out there, but does anyone else here think there might be a slight possibility that ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 18, 2023:
I would put that probability as being more that 5% - - totally possible. I'd say that they'd have to have come up with classified documents that Biden could have handled. If they aren't, it would be completely suspicious. Unfortunately, it is likely that many of the findings of the investigations will not be revealed. It is certainly improbable that the Biden case Federalist prosecutor can be trusted to be honest.
Who the hell leaked this very confidential information?!
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
Aim envy?
The difference should be obvious.
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
Just a slight difference between carelessness and espionage.
No one can make this stuff up.
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
The need to show and prove loyalty becomes maniacal. One only needs to have a malign actor in position of authority to point the true-believers in the wrong direction.
Hmmm looky there.
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
TMI. Paint those partitions.
What the fking hell are they talking about?
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
I recently met a guy at a hotel and he was telling me how the Grand Canyon proved Genesis. Given his age, I figured I'd forgo getting into it with him. Such people are devoted to their stupidity. Still, how does one fight the culture war at that level?
Do you have an internal dialogue?
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
Leia may not have been a committee, but I am...
We need to stop glorifying the police.
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
It is apparent that police do NOT need the protection of a union, and that police unions do far, far more harm than good, if any good actually comes from them. Mostly, they protect the racists and psychos that gravitate to a job where they can bully people without consequences.
I happened to see this in my morning email so thought I'd post it.
racocn8 comments on Jan 17, 2023:
Anti-vaxxers are now their own cult with a cottage industry of pumping out disinformation. The Fox robots eat it up.
Can humanity's new giant leap into space succeed? []
racocn8 comments on Jan 16, 2023:
Success in space can only be measured by survival back on Earth. Nothing about space development works to help that survival. Survival must be the priority. I'm as pro-space development as anyone, but that effort is wasted if we die on this planet.
Sherilyn Fenn showing her Twin Peaks - 1990
racocn8 comments on Jan 16, 2023:
I've been to the mountain top and I have seen the promised land... I have a dream...
There is no Planet B.
racocn8 comments on Jan 16, 2023:
The ONLY possible scenario that avoids extinction is that Humanity drastically depopulates, and that scenario is impossible because our psychology won't allow it.
Sad with how simple this is that optics may prevent Trump being prosecuted for improper handling of ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 16, 2023:
After all the shit that Hillary went through (classified docs on her unprotected server?), it's hard to grasp how Joe could have let this happen. Maybe Biden isn't supposed to talk about it, but this could be spun to highlight Trump's intentional espionage as NOT being comparable to Biden's mere carelessness.
FORGIVENESS I have long wondered about forgiveness.
racocn8 comments on Jan 16, 2023:
I like the concept of forgiveness, but I have found out the hard way that forgiveness isn't readily achieved. As in the OP, forgiveness is an ideal to be pursued. I am often of two or more minds and I accept that some positions change with diet. Trauma does not get dispelled easily, and some of the voices are all too happy to shout a reminder. Sadly, just as forgiving can be a challenge, forgetting often happens too quickly.
You get one life to live, don't waste a minute of it on your knees, praying to an imaginary sky ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
That is the downside of Pascal's Wager that is never mentioned, wasting the one life you have living in a state of threat, delusion and hatred of everyone else.
The Jewish people go to the ancient "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem for Holy Days.
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
Catholic holy water...
Beware of food . It can be dangerous.
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
Anti-vaxxers are like Q-Anons, militias, neo-nazis, etc. They are psychological rabbit-holes that suck people in for the thrill of extending a little bit of mind control and self-aggrandizement. Plus, they prey on those that cannot muster nor maintain critical thinking. Without a minimal level of skepticism, they'll gladly imprint on viral memes shared within the cult.
I think I have found their secret list
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
The real list never ends.
You can take this any way you want to
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
Mine goes inside for warmth...
Back the blue till it happens to you. []
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
Privileged Karen totally deserved it.
Better watch out guys, the wife is onto your every move.
racocn8 comments on Jan 15, 2023:
Very dangerous - - the pins could stick the doggy's mouth...
100 Years After First Diabetes Breakthrough, Canadian Scientists Believe They’ve Found a Cure ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
Isn't it curious how difficult it is to find funding for genuinely promising research.
Excited Scientists Make Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough With First-Ever Glimpse At How Protein Behind ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
An interesting discovery, but far from being anything like a breakthrough. Clickbait. Too bad.
I seen lots of people wanting Trump locked up for documents so where are all the people wanting ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
The cases are extremely different in terms of cooperation. I'm not sure I'm ready for President Harris, but if Biden has to go to jail in order to put Trump there too, I'm all in, whatever it takes. Biden would be a martyred patriot; Trump, not so much (A longstanding traitor deserving a million deaths).
Let's get personal.
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
At one job, they'd give us annual fire-fighting training including using 2" hoses and fire extinguishers. A decade later at a different job, they thought they'd hold two contests for employees to try to extinguish a simulated fire with a simulated fire extinguisher. I won both contests. At another job, they had a different contest. This contest had everyone lined up and given balloons to blow up. Maybe not so easy in Los Angeles? With everybody on their marks and ready to go, the signal was given. I immediately filled a third of the balloon while others were struggling. After glancing at the competition, I quickly finished it off way ahead of the rest. I can only wonder that they thought I cheated. Well, sort of... Before starting, I had stretched the balloon making it much easier to inflate...
My "Eureka! Eureka!" moment
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
* You too!!??
You know if he came back, he'd shit himself over how they've fucked up his instructions
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
Another compelling argument that it is all horse shit.
Hourglass Figure
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
Wearing a cross???
I don't understand how so much child abuse and neglect is permitted these days.
racocn8 comments on Jan 14, 2023:
I formulated an oral oil to reduce the pain of teething. I'm going to call it 2:30... (tooth-hurty)
Given that both Biden and Trump appear to have mishandled state secret documents, the question has ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
And would the Russians be rewarded if they started surreptitiously going through the possessions of all our former politicians? As that seems very likely, maybe the FBI needs to do this as a routine service.
Trump Claims That Biden Having Classified Documents Is Worse Because He Reads | The New Yorker
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
Until proven otherwise, I'm going with Trump's explanation that the FBI planted them... Readin with Beadin...
James Webb telescope traces arcs of dusty star formation []
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
Be sure to check the graphic 70% of the way down with the vertical line through it. Grip and move the line with the circle...
Romney on Trump and the Republican party - YouTube
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
I agree with your "if only" scenario. We should not be continually forced to choose between profoundly flawed individuals and full-blown psychopaths.
Alabama attorney general says people who take abortion pills could be prosecuted | CNN Politics
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
Let everyone understand that Republicans will stick you in an oven if they think your behavior violates their religion.
House GOP tempts fall government shutdown with impossible spending demands - POLITICO
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
"Womack is also concerned about what the GOP deal with McCarthy means for the military, despite assurances from Republican leaders that Pentagon budget cuts aren’t on the table." What sort of idiot still takes a Republican statement as true and honest?
Poll: Here’s a look at how much the GOP has changed in 10 years
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
Less educated, more religious, more gullible, more stupid, more asshole...
At the bottom of the rank as usual šŸ˜…
racocn8 comments on Jan 13, 2023:
Get your own dog. It would be nice if both sides could work on decreasing the animosity, but neither side has the maturity to do so. (The curious thing is how women support patriarchal religion.)
No Longer Content With Right to Opt Out, Conservative Christians Asking Courts to Eliminate Rights ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 12, 2023:
The Christian Right (fascist Nationalists) may have felt a tinge chastened by the defeat of Nazi Germany. They received encouragement from Reagan and Falwell leading to them coming out from under their rocks.
The Army is adding a new medal - awarded when a member gets someone else to join.
racocn8 comments on Jan 12, 2023:
I have a collection of lapel pins from my stint in a refinery... (...Hey, I risked my life so people drive with freedom.)
Bet Trump is having a laugh now
racocn8 comments on Jan 12, 2023:
In his garage???!!! We'll never hear the end of this...
STATE CANNABIS NEWS 1/12/2023 California Gov.
racocn8 comments on Jan 12, 2023:
Fuck Governor Newsom. Asshole.
What are some organizations that help addicts get and stay sober that are not AA or NA?
racocn8 comments on Jan 12, 2023:
Alcohol addiction is common, so avenues will be (somewhat) defined by your insurance or financial capability. To the extent that one shows willingness to pursue therapy, that therapy can include referral to clinics and/or treatments. Spravato clinics (ketamine) have become more accepted. Psilocybin and other hallucinogens have shown efficacy in providing the rewiring needed to defeat addiction. Of course, use of hallucinogens can be hazardous, and decriminalization programs usually require an experienced guide. Many universities currently conduct research programs in this process, so research in your state may be available. It's likely that a number of start-up pharmaceutical companies are conducting research using their own novel, patentable hallucinogens (tryptamines). Some companies may be willing to ship microdose psilocybin to your location, however microdosing to alleviate alcoholism has little exploration. Or, travel to a therapy-friendly state. For certain, some people travel to visit Spravato clinics. CFI - Center for Inquiry used to have an associated agnostic support group for alcoholism.
Will Congress and the US attorney go after Biden for this? []
racocn8 comments on Jan 12, 2023:
The media is going to have fun trying to educate 5th graders about the nuances of law relating to classified documents. We don't and may never know if Biden had responsibility for these documents. We DO know Trump had responsibility, defied the govt subpoena, claimed ownership of the documents, even demanding they be returned, etc., and the nature of the documents provide clear motive for theft, being fungible.
Surveillance Footage of Tesla Crash on Bay Bridge
racocn8 comments on Jan 11, 2023:
Musk has demonstrated that he is unfit to be a billionaire or even dog catcher. Malignant narcissism means not valuing anyone else's life. No one should put themselves at risk from this psychopath's products.
Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans critical race theory in schools | Fox News
racocn8 comments on Jan 11, 2023:
Not that it was being taught in the first place.
What a contrast with now.
racocn8 comments on Jan 11, 2023:
A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Have any of you heard of or been following Jordan Peterson?
racocn8 comments on Jan 11, 2023:
Lil Dookie
racocn8 comments on Jan 11, 2023:
The real douchebags are his supporters.
An attorney was working late one night in his office when, suddenly, Satan appeared before him.
racocn8 comments on Jan 11, 2023:
You can't bargain with something you didn't have in the first place.
Suspect in Shootings at Homes and Offices of 5 New Mexico Democrats Is in Custody
racocn8 comments on Jan 10, 2023:
We are seeing the effects of rampant political corruption throughout government, but especially in the slow-walking of prosecution by the DOJ. At the local level, prosecution of political violence is rare with sabotage going unsolved and intimidation un-prosecuted. The GQP in government are practicing slow-quitting if it involves suspects who share the GQP ideology. When they do get prosecuted, they get the lightest sentences possible. The left-wing pot is already simmering with outrage at this corruption. If the DOJ doesn't start to do it's job, some new kind of rebellion will develop. Or, possibly we'll see marches on Washington to demand the justice and competence that has been lacking. Or, the violence will be joined. Or both. Perhaps a wealthy angel will step forward and pay bounties on Christian Nationalists...
Trump announces that Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has died
racocn8 comments on Jan 9, 2023:
Anyone who is so self-serving that they support an identified traitor, pervert, crook and sedition-plotter deserves less than an ignominious burial. Let all who value truth and honor spit on her grave, at least mentally.
Cirsten Weldon, anti-vax QAnon promoter who livestreamed with Roseanne Barr, dies of COVID
racocn8 comments on Jan 9, 2023:
I attended a discussion zoom where three of the attendees were either anti-vax or close to it. One of them is a biological scientist, and he was parroting some of the bullshit. Shame on these fuckers for losing their critical thinking faculties, and then lying to themselves enough to rationalize lying to others. Fucking Fox bots.
The ginger genes run strong in this family šŸ„°
racocn8 comments on Jan 9, 2023:
Here's a picture of my brother's new Maine Coon cat, the Red Duchess.
As of 10:20am today, Jan 9th 2023, My best friend, companion, and loyal doggo Molly crossed over the...
racocn8 comments on Jan 9, 2023:
Losing a loving friend is as hard as it gets. Grieve as much as you need, but know that there's lots more love in the world waiting for you. Don't be hesitant to find another loving companion; they're already waiting for you to show up to rescue them. I went to a pound and found a lab mix. After selecting her, I went to fill out the papers and pay the fee. Going back to the pen, the attendant put a leash on Roxy. She seemed excited, but unsure of what would come next. We walked to my car and I lifted her into the seat. I went around to get in on my side, got in, and at that moment, it dawned on Roxy that she was going to a wonderful home. She set about yipping and licking me, hugging me, and showing absolute ecstasy. Me too.
Well that's awkward.
racocn8 comments on Jan 9, 2023:
What a shame that it comes to that. It could be so much better.
Nuff said?
racocn8 comments on Jan 9, 2023:
A rotting albatross around your neck is not irrelevant.
Kevin McCarthy Ascends to Power Via Begging, Humiliation, Threats, and Concessions to MAGAs Well,...
racocn8 comments on Jan 8, 2023:
Why were we presented with the claim that 5, then 6 of these idiots were NEVER KEVINs? Still more lies from those that worship lying? Why did the media repeat that BS? Over and over, it was supposed to be an insoluble problem. Again, the rest of the world listens to MSM and then has to shake their heads. The US is a shit show. Thank you DOJ and thank you Pentagon.
Horrible story out of Baton Rouge.
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
Having been the owner of a dangerous pit bull, I regrettably agree with you. I still have love for that dog, and I know well how pit bulls can display the humanity and personality that endear dogs to us. Where is the dividing line? How much pit merits death? Perhaps animal shelters shouldn't release them?
Casus belli: :an event or action that justifies or allegedly justifies a war or conflict.
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
How disappointing to see such a high level of bigotry deemed acceptable for broadcast.
McCarthy debacle comes with a lesson: There's a downside to being a party of fascist trolls
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
What happened to the Never-Kevins? Just lying as usual? The GQP are wholly bereft of principles.
Ice Ballet -- The people vs. winter []
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
OK, now that my cortisol levels are through the roof, what's next...
I want to get off my chest, it seems like a disproportionate amount of time I run into arguments ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
The one that gets me is the obnoxious assertion that unless I believe in Jesus, my life can have no purpose.
What is the most bizarre dream that you've ever had?
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
I strongly endorse the use of dream-enhancers. I've used Calea Zachetechichi with remarkable effects. Grind and take a capsule in the morning. THC mangles dreams so only a little leaks through.
Ashli Babbitt, the Capitol rioter who was shot while breaking into the Speakers' Lobby on 1/6/2020, ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 7, 2023:
Ashli got what the rest of them deserved, the rest being everyone that facilitated it, and that could be a thousand (Congressmen, Admin, DOJ, FBI, Pentagon, CIA, DHS, DEA, agitators (i.e. Bannon, Stone, G.Thomas), bag men, Fox personalities, GRU operatives, Christian Nationalist funders, and...?
I want to get off my chest, it seems like a disproportionate amount of time I run into arguments ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 6, 2023:
I voted for the life is wonderful argument. Except that growing up, I watched any number of films showing the Holocaust victims. What a wonderful experience that was, thanks to Christians. Then I learned of all the other Christian genocides and mass murders.
For of any you interested in useful information regarding dementia/alzheimers.
racocn8 comments on Jan 6, 2023:
Some claim that CBD acts similarly to the Hibiscus Tea, but the latter is a great head's up. Thanks.
You know, I really wouldn't mind if they just left us all alone.
racocn8 comments on Jan 6, 2023:
I've been troubled by finding out more than I want to know about various actors. Sorbo believes the Bible, which is total wackadoodle crap. And we've go Travolta and the other Scientologists. And Mel Gibson. So much stupidity and so much hate...
More Americans stay away from church as pandemic nears year three Many Americans already had ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 6, 2023:
I'm sure that for many, they found the personal freedom an improvement over listening to BS coming from the pulpit. Covid gave them the excuse to find this out, and now they aren't going back. I did the same thing on my own when I was 11. No more Sunday School? GREAT!!!!
What are the GOP Speaker vote holdouts trying to achieve?
racocn8 comments on Jan 6, 2023:
Please, please, don't let it stop...
Kevin is having to negotiate just to get an adjournment at 8 PM, I mean these guys have fund raisers...
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
Putin has won. The U.S. is destroyed. Special thanks to the treasonous Evangelicals and the rest of the nutty GQP. Thanks to Christopher Wray and the traitors in the FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon and the rest. Special thanks to the DOJ for refusing to do anything to the coup plotters from Congress nor G.Thomas. Special thanks to the fake Americans that let Putin and Trump get away with it.
So Kevin McCarthy has already become a nine times loser, and he may soon become a 10 times loser.
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
We are the losers. We are a joke on the world stage. A sleazy stand-up comic with amnesia. Bad amnesia.
Kevin McCarthy’s Groundhog Day | Magic Mushrooms Now Legal In Oregon - YouTube
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
Psilocybin is only legal in Oregon within a clinical setting. They cannot be sold. Notes from: "Current Trends in Psychedelic Law and Regulation" Mason Marks, MD, JD,12/13/22. Federally HIPAA does not apply. Formulation of material is Not FDA approved. Rescheduling is being considered. Petition to reschedule, but no chance w/o lawsuit. More clinical trial data is available for psilocybin! (But no chance w/o FDA approval) Breakthrough Therapies Act by Cory Booker and Rand Paul being developed. Other How to control dosing? Potency testing? Whole mushrooms vs powdered. Concentration can vary a lot in mushroom grows. Intake forms? (Lithium use is contraindicated) Discussion of Oregon Psilocybin Law Modularized training of facilitator Licensing of trained facilitator. No tiered qualification of facilitators Measure 109 ‘forbids’ state from requiring a degree or diploma more HS! (M109) Facilitator is required to call police if a threat of danger is perceived (problematic?). Substitution of other substances? Documents: Facilitator Guidelines, Client Bill of Rights, Assessments Microdosing: Able to leave facility rather than staying for 6 hours Microdosing is not clearly defined Only actual mushrooms allowed; no synthetic psilocybin Psilocybin can only be purchased by client at clinic; not at dispensary & used on site. Washington copied Oregon’s law with improvements (also other states) Allow home use if no clinics nearby Colorado Several other hallucinogens ‘decriminalized’ to allow them to be substituted. Sharing of drugs in a religious ceremony context. Concern of where limits are may fall into the hands of law enforcement/justice system. Clinics referred to as “Healing Centers”. Umbrella term includes manufacturing/processing. Healing Centers associated with organization: Church Looser requirements for facilitators. Dispensary MAY be able to provide psilocybin. 2-year implementation period to see what does & doesn’t work. Groups have fought to be able to use psilocybin at home (clients with cluster headaches). “Cluster-busters” working to shape the rule. Prop 122 ? Personal use? Tiered facilitators qualification as opposed to Oregon framework. Colorado’s approach is viewed as being on a collision course with the FDA. New York The Facilitator must be a licensed healthcare provider. Connecticut Proposals seek to work with Federal law. (Clinical Research framework) Washington State FB5660? Task force work group to develop policy and revise existing state law.
An alternative to shrooms. Not right in the head. šŸ˜†
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
Like the ceiling close up?
If? Ha! Not a chance.
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
...but he is a dickless pussy...
12 members of the US House of Representatives deny the validity of the 2020 presidential election: ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
The real problem is that the playing field has been severely tilted in favor of these idiots. They wouldn't be there but for corruption of the election system. (And the DOJ refusing to indict political seditionists).
How does building god a church require borrowing money from donors/ government coffers?
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
How about 50 cents worth of lead?
When you choose to see the blessings showing up for you, the universe will continue sending them ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
I think you're on the wrong site. Define blessings. Universe=god?
I've ordered three dozen...
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
It can't be worth it.
Idaho murder suspect nabbed by genetic genealogy; some sites work with law enforcement | Fox ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 5, 2023:
Odds are the FBI accesses whatever information it wants with or without permission...
racocn8 comments on Jan 4, 2023:
I don't know if maggots feed on themselves, but spiders do. Maybe they can settle their differences Western-style now that they've removed the magnetometers....
Holiday Blues Depression?
racocn8 comments on Jan 4, 2023:
Treat yourself to nutritious healthy food and get some exercise. Maybe take some apple pectin to cleanse the heavy metals out of your system. Hope you feel better. Resolve to minimize and eliminate contact with toxic people. Good luck.
I already started, i just can't figure out how to keep this darn thing cinched up!
racocn8 comments on Jan 4, 2023:
Going to 2nd level now... (meditative state described in the movie)
Young Frankenstein' cast 1973
racocn8 comments on Jan 4, 2023:
Where is Frau Brucher? (neiihheehehehehe)
The real reason behind the Ukraine war and South China expansions
racocn8 comments on Jan 4, 2023:
A pundit opined that one of the main reasons China wants Taiwan is for the Chinese women. Mainland China has some 25 million unpaired man. I think that is still very secondary to Taiwan's chip production, but I could be wrong...
A medically incompetent twat is bleating on about "the lives of unborn children": [abc.
racocn8 comments on Jan 4, 2023:
An embryo is not a child. A fetus is not a child. Don't like abortion? Don't have one. Mostly, don't dictate your made-up religious bullshit to the rest of society.
Is it just me or do you also find sadistic evil projected in the “loving” name of the Christian ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 3, 2023:
Very ugly. Mean and inconsiderate, or malicious. Sick. More evidence that believing in religion has nothing whatever to do with personal behavior; Christian morality comfortably overlaps Nazi morality.
"utiny inside the Republican Party": []
racocn8 comments on Jan 3, 2023:
Let us remember that this fiasco is brought to us by the DOJ. If the DOJ had done its job and prosecuted the Republican traitors in Congress, none of this would be happening.
The truth is...She still got it!
racocn8 comments on Jan 2, 2023:
Did you expect them to disappear like a popped zit?
The more I look at the hypocrisy of some of the teachers in my childhood the more outraged I become.
racocn8 comments on Jan 2, 2023:
I often thought that I could do a better job teaching than the teachers I had. Going into college, I looked back at high school as baby-sitting by comparison.
CANNABIS CULTURE 1/2/2023 Elon Musk tweeted, "Banning alcohol caused the biggest rise in ...
racocn8 comments on Jan 2, 2023:
The broken clock speaks...
The pope's entire career has the stench of evil about it.
racocn8 comments on Jan 2, 2023:
Let that image ALWAYS represent the Catholic Church and it's pope.


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UAPs, UFOs, USOs and 1st Contact
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Just for Laughs
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Newbie Groupies!
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Real Intimacy
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Out Of The Illusion
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50s +
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Food Glorious Food
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Dog Lovers
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Music Fans
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World Music
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Trump Pinata
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Human Sexuality: Everything About It
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Humour, Fun, Chuckles, Laughs, or Cutes, From Everywhere.
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Legalize Cannabis Nationwide/Worldwide
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Sexy Classy Pics
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Paleontology, Archeology, and Anthropology
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Critical thinking
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Music of the Movies
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The Escapees- - Hide here!
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aussie sceptics
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Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dance, Punk, Alternative, Rock and Roll.
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Sex, Love, and Kinky Things, What's Your Pleasure?
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Coffee Drinkers Corner
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visual art
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"Positive Vibes"
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Online Dating: The Reality
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Environment, Ecology and Sustainability
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Political debate
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Liberal/Progressive Party
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Abuse Survivors(Emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, toxic relationship)
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P.A.T.C.H. People Against The Christian Hypocrites
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Hippie Land -
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Star Trek fans
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Childfree Domain
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Jokes and humor about religion
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The Best of Late Night & News
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Pet pictures and discussion
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Oddities and Anomalies
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General Forum
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Simple Thoughts
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Science and religion. :) lets debate
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Non-nude sexy pics
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Fun Bible Passages
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Memes edited
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Natural history
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Trolls, Scammers & Nigerian Russian Wives:Report Them Here
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Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Intuitives, and Empaths
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Science & Technology
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Political Posts, Articles and Memes
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General Topics
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Liberals Who Don't Hate Each Other
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All Things Legal/Crime and Punishment
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Biden 2020
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Action Advocates for our Environment and Ecology
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Dharma Café
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Earth Preservers
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The Daily Life
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Movie Actor and Actress Fans
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WTF group
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Atheists for Liberty
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Celebrity Pictures
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Older Men and Younger Women
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Conservative Bashers
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Political Theory & Policy
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"I was blocked!?" Group
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At Retirement!
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Taboo Island
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Religious Naturalism
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Atheist Videos & Miscellany
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Crass Comedy
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Foreign Film Fans
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All Things Asia
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Christopher Hitchens Fans
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Tales from the Lockdown
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Mental Health Discussions
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Marijuana changing the world
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Sex Over Sixty
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Religious Humor.
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Religion of Science & Higher Consciousness
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lawnmowers & the gestation of nonsense
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Pro Choice/Abortion Rights
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The Path of a Taoist
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Common Ground
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Code Monkeys
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Trumpanzees & Morons
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The Truth Is Out There
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Electric Vehicles and Vehicle Related Technology.
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Hikers' Connection (Natural Highs)
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Laughter is medicine
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Meatballs & Pasta
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Environmental science/Ecology/Demography
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Sunset, Sea, Coffee and Me
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Breaking the Habit
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George Carlin sayings, memes, etc.
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Home Renovations
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Ricky Gervais
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The Sound Of A Good Book
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Mynd Storm
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Asexual Area
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Hearing Loss or What the heck did you say?
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Atheist Points Of View On The Middle East
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Hairbrained Ideas
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Love of Physics
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Conspiracies & High Strangeness
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Consortium of thoughts
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Broken Hearts Club
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I don't give a fuck
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Ungodly Truth
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Oppression Throughout The World
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Everything Beauty
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Truth Seekers
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People Who Need People
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Herbalists Corner
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The Plague
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Goodness without godness
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Workplace issues
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Community Senate
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