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What I do: I explore life as an adventure. I seek out awe, comedy, bewilderment, and truth. Iā€™m a perpetual student. I aspire to be creative and inventive. My hobbies include: magic, architecture, and promoting my next epiphany.

I meet with fellow magicians and perform when I can. I plan and take trips. I have a few humanitarian projects that I work on. I the bills as a researcher.

What Iā€™m good at. Finding the unseen. Making things. Intuiting and reading between the lines. I may not be so good at magic, but I enjoy it. Laughing at myself.

What you see: My positive attitude, patience, thoughtfulness. Visually, maybe my crazy hair, broad smile and flashing eyes!

Books: Octavia Butler, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins. Twain, Vonnegut...

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The things we know for sure!!!
racocn8 comments on Aug 29, 2023: I'm guessing the OP fits with the BS about Soros for a reason (that is now apparent).
Only Married Man will Understand This Better! šŸ˜¹šŸ™Š By Xavier Early in the morning, husband ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 28, 2023:
Yeah, brings back memories. My ex would often and I mean often try to provoke an argument to avoid sex. It used to be Thursday night or Friday before the weekend. Her 'therapist' would provoke an infantile state to elucidate the source of her sociopathy. Usually, it only brought it to the surface where it stayed well after the session was over. (After a while, I insisted that she have her sessions earlier in the week, hoping her petulance would die down... ) (As the therapist shared her misandry, that problem was never addressed...)
Dawk Richard Dawkins finds a circumstance for which he can recommend Christianity, and speaks ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 28, 2023:
The concept of Woke originated with the recognition of how pervasive bigotry shaped political doctrines (i.e. Jim Crow laws). The decimation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act reflects how this bigotry elected Trump who, in turn, installed stooges on SCOTUS. LBGTQ also suffer from bigotry, but the bigots have sought to focus on Trans. Thus, the concept of Woke only attains religious absurdity when one focuses on Trans. As a biological scientist, Dawkins may well opine that a physical genetic male that claims they are female are delusional. That was his point several years ago when he asked whether a "White" person could declare themselves to be "Black". Nuance admits that even people who are mostly "White" may be identified by others as "Black", just as intersex conditions blur the binary concept of sex. Pressure on AHA from certain Trans persons resulted in AHA clawing back an award they gave to Dawkins 20 years earlier. That and other sorts of harassment seems to have hardened Dawkins' position to where his compassion on this subject has been drained away. While understandable, it remains unfortunate. I suspect his age may have allowed himself to be taken advantage of by a demagogue interviewer. Seeing this, I worry that his detractors will pile on. He needs to hire a manager to protect himself. Dawkins makes an excellent comment in saying that while he supports a scientific worldview over religious worldviews, many peoples of the world lack the education or access to information that are needed to support the rejection of religion. (Naively...) He suggests that Christianity may be more benign than Islam in some regions and thus that the substitution of Christianity for Islam may be more feasible than converting them to atheism. The feasibility of belief substitution should not be used to argue against promoting truth over religious BS.
Just part of the story
racocn8 comments on Aug 28, 2023:
The truth is out there...
racocn8 comments on Aug 28, 2023:
A tree-hugger, eh?
It takes a blithering idiot to accept as true the obscene mouthings of a medically unqualified ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 28, 2023:
That sort of moronic gullibility (and/or racist animus) comes from decades of practice.
I’m still resentful of the fact that the majority of myopic Brits voted to Brexit us out of the ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 27, 2023:
Just remember how many times the Christian Germans must have heard Schiller's poem in Ode to Joy on their radios. Then they supported Hitler's destruction of its neighbors and applied industrial means to murder those they deemed to be unwanted. O friends, not these tones! But let’s strike up more agreeable ones, And more joyful. Joy! Joy! Joy, beautiful spark of Divinity, Daughter of Elysium, We enter, drunk with fire, Heavenly one, thy sanctuary! Thy magic binds again What custom strictly divided; All people become brothers, Where thy gentle wing abides. Whoever has succeeded in the great attempt, To be a friend’s friend, Whoever has won a lovely woman, Add his to the jubilation! Yes, and also whoever has just one soul To call his own in this world! And he who never managed it should slink Weeping from this union! All creatures drink of joy At nature’s breasts. All the Just, all the Evil Follow her trail of roses. Kisses she gave us and grapevines, A friend, proven in death. Ecstasy was given to the worm And the cherub stands before God. Gladly, as His suns fly through the heavens’ grand plan Go on, brothers, your way, Joyful, like a hero to victory. Be embraced, Millions! This kiss to all the world! Brothers, above the starry canopy There must dwell a loving Father. Are you collapsing, millions? Do you sense the creator, world? Seek him above the starry canopy! Above stars must He dwell
I’m still resentful of the fact that the majority of myopic Brits voted to Brexit us out of the ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 27, 2023:
I both cases (Brexit ) the GRU was instrumental in fielding propaganda and social media that swayed ignorant voters and the elections.
Sunday morning cuteness
racocn8 comments on Aug 27, 2023:
War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate. Marvin Gaye
racocn8 comments on Aug 27, 2023:
We don't have a fraction of the amount of love we need. Meanwhile, the wealthy and powerful subsidize hate to maintain their position...
I don't like to talk about myself but
racocn8 comments on Aug 27, 2023:
I wanted to be a porn star. Just not on the right side of the mountains...
I believe it.
racocn8 comments on Aug 26, 2023:
Almost indistinguishable...
Plain and simple
racocn8 comments on Aug 26, 2023:
And yet, the Force will be with you always...
Letters From An American 08/24/2023
racocn8 comments on Aug 26, 2023:
Republicans no longer believe in the United States as a Democracy, and embraced an agent of a hostile foreign power as their flag-bearer. They have abandoned their legacy and shunned whatever honor they had as Americans.
I have pondered over this often
racocn8 comments on Aug 26, 2023:
Electric zapper or Bugassalt. Better yet, a black widow...
I have just taken the almost unheard of steps.
racocn8 comments on Aug 24, 2023:
What sort of 'freethinker' reposts hate-mongering propaganda to get attention? He's a patriot alright - - for Russia. What kind of country can the US be where a third of its citizens gladly take their news from a foreign adversary and re-spew these lies as virtue signaling?
Judge Luttig: Secretaries Of States Will Decline To Place Trump On The Ballot, Argue He Is ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 23, 2023:
That is what should happen. Don't hold your breath...
"Smoking!" Jim Carry as the Mask...
racocn8 comments on Aug 23, 2023:
Assuming he was really on board...
Free portrait day in Georgia....
racocn8 comments on Aug 23, 2023:
Poor photography...
Still holds true today!
racocn8 comments on Aug 23, 2023:
So says another one of Putin's useful idiot bitches...
Good morning!!!
racocn8 comments on Aug 23, 2023:
Who are the two people in the first meme?
This person really is out of touch on the Athiest website she sends me this message.
racocn8 comments on Aug 22, 2023:
Scam probability 98% and rising...
Lately, I've been grappling with stress from dealing with narcissist issues and the challenges that ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 22, 2023:
It would be so much better if you could include in your exhortations some hint of meaningful content. Without it, there's nothing worth reading and the annoyance invites blocking. If you're not serious about posting, spare the rest of us and write it in a private journal.
Andy Rooney was right
racocn8 comments on Aug 22, 2023:
I'm betting most of us have seen how the 'polarization' of society is really the Right Wing becoming even more degenerate than they used to be. At this point, the notion that Christianity has any impact on behaving well and honorably is obviously horseshit. The idea that society needs religion to keep it acting in a civilized manner is now recognized as nonsense. Hitchens claim that one needs religion to lurch into depravity has been validated by Trump and his nitwits.
I fully understand that no one, when the original laws were written, could possibly have anticipated...
racocn8 comments on Aug 21, 2023:
It is called: "The fix is in..."
Did not know Neil's back story.
racocn8 comments on Aug 21, 2023:
The attempted coup to overthrow the U.S. did not end on Jan. 6, 2021. Putin still wants it - - It's the only way he stays in power and bests China: take over the U.S. Just as Hitler allied with the corporations, Putin has allied with the GOP plutocracy, who gladly betrayed the country to keep their power. It is a new Axis of Evil that, frankly, includes the CIA, which is why it gets no coverage in the MSM.
He made it clear
racocn8 comments on Aug 21, 2023:
No capitalism? From enlightened to moron in one line.
The cult bubble that wouldn't burst:
racocn8 comments on Aug 20, 2023:
I know most people will get a laugh out of this one, but here goes anyway... The reason the intelligence community betrayed the country and allowed Trump to run and obtain power was because Hillary Clinton would have allowed Disclosure of UAP as aliens. Just as Kennedy was murdered for betraying the CIA, the CIA and NSA allowed the GRU and FBI to sabotage Hillary's campaign.
TITLE 18, U.
racocn8 comments on Aug 20, 2023:
One of the problems is that the DOJ has decided not to pursue charges they (believe they) can't prove. Thus, while Trump committed numerous felonies in plain sight, he remains unindicted on those charges because within the protocols of a courtroom, conviction could be in doubt. The DOJ SHOULD be charging him ANYWAY. And they should have charged him with Obstruction as laid out in the Mueller probe. The DOJ HAS been weaponized, but not by the Democrats. When you hear that, it's actually the Republicans crowing that THEY'VE corrupted the DOJ. It is always projection...
California Store Owner, Lauri Carleton, Mother of Nine, Shot and Killed Over a Pride Flag Displayed ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 20, 2023:
Take your pick, but Trump/DeSantis murdered that woman as much as the shooter. But for their encouragement, it wouldn't have happened.
racocn8 comments on Aug 20, 2023:
I've heard if you wrap aluminum foil around your head, that blocks the EM used to control your brain...
Good morning! Today presents an opportunity for mindful media consumption.
racocn8 comments on Aug 20, 2023:
What I saw MAGAT prostitutes hangin’ out on the street corner shouting out loud!!
racocn8 comments on Aug 20, 2023:
Reptilian crocodile tears.
Introduction My name is Len I have struggled with mental health challenges all of my life I was ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 19, 2023:
I salute your honorable conduct and offer my regrets for the degenerate behavior that has traumatized you. I suffer every day from a daughter who, indoctrinated by her male-hating mother, ghosted me some ten years ago. My ex-wife suffered from psychotic depression, the extent of which she did her best to hide from me until after the ceremony. Then she let it all out...
Most successful communist country ever??
racocn8 comments on Aug 18, 2023:
Does this guy ever shut up??
racocn8 comments on Aug 18, 2023:
I had a flat tire and was getting it fixed at the tire shop. As I waited, a man and his relative also came in for service. The guy seemed like he was talking to himself, and talked loudly, on and on. And on, and on, and on. After almost 50 minutes of non-stop self-dialog, he went out for a walk. WHEW! What a relief!! It was worse than Chinese water torture. I couldn't help but feel sadness and sympathy for such a pathetic character. I've seen cases like that before. In college, this one indigent spoke and argued with himself, and sometimes even flagellated himself. What should society do with such people?...
Evangelicals Are Now Rejecting 'Liberal' Teachings of Jesus
racocn8 comments on Aug 18, 2023:
How many times did Christian Germans listen to Schiller's Ode to Joy in Beethovan's 9th Symphony on the radio. Then they elected a dictator and mass murdered their neighbors (again).
This is so wrong but so so so funny.
racocn8 comments on Aug 18, 2023:
According to a recent paper, catnip works through the body’s internal opioid system. When a cat smells catnip, a substance called nepetalactone interacts with certain cells in their upper airway. Once the interaction occurs, the cat’s body releases endorphins—natural opioids. This theory is supported by the fact that cats who receive the opioid “antidote” naloxone are not affected by catnip. Ingestion alone seems to have little effect on cats, although some may chew on the herb, perhaps to release the nepetalactone, especially from drier leaves. Although reports that the herb induces LSD-like hallucinations are probably overblown (and difficult to prove), catnip is nonetheless a safe, cheap, and effective way to give your cat some short-lived enjoyment.
It isn't the Riddler's job to solve the riddle. That's up to Batman and Robin. Put your cape on.
racocn8 comments on Aug 17, 2023:
Are you getting dementia? I might be able to help.
What did Abigail Jo Shry do?
racocn8 comments on Aug 17, 2023:
It may have a hate crime enhancement and with prior instances, she could face some time. Odds are she'll get a wrist slap because, hey, it's Texas...
I want your fear. I want your fear to come to me. I want to eat it. I'm starving!
racocn8 comments on Aug 17, 2023:
Reminds me of the Sin-Eater in the 2nd Twilight Zone series. Richard Thomas I think...
The great beyond?
racocn8 comments on Aug 17, 2023:
If you know little of it, you know something. What do you know?
Wednesday morning cuteness
racocn8 comments on Aug 16, 2023:
From Hell it came....
This will be fun to watch fall apart. []
racocn8 comments on Aug 16, 2023:
Spoken like a true billionaire...
Barbie fever
racocn8 comments on Aug 16, 2023:
Religion was always holy artificial...
Can you ever win?
racocn8 comments on Aug 16, 2023:
My DP asked me last week if I was seeing someone else. She said she thought it was better to ask straight out and that she thought I was acting out of character. Now she's asking if we're OK. I said I didn't know. Nine hours later, she asks what I meant when I said "I don't know." Life is so hilarious.
I am the Awakener
racocn8 comments on Aug 16, 2023:
The Awakener must go to sleep...
Pearls of wisdom…
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
At least he already knows how to pick up soap in the shower...
Silence is the key. You must be alone in your mind. []
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
No!!! Shut up already. ("Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up,Shut up,... -Jack Nicholson)
Why didn’t Miss Lindsay get an invitation to the party?
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
Sorry to hear it. She certainly seemed to have played a significant part.
After 4 solid indictments of the idiot Trump, 2024 is going to be one of the worst years for ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
Let's hope they keep digging. 6 feet would be good... I have a handful of soil to toss on top... And then unzip...
The cretinous Trumpty Dumpty has repeated the absurdity that the criminal charges against him are ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
You still expect to hear truth come out of his mouth?
I am glad the SSL certificate of Agnostics.
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
Trump has still not been indicted for the Jan 6 insurrection; supposedly because it would be 'hard' to make the case?!!! It shouldn't matter how likely it is to get a conviction (as with the impeachments). The real problem is that the GOP does not pay a price for their treason. Most of them should be registered as foreign agents...
Care for a Fascist ice cream?
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
Bad taste or tastes bad? Only takes one scoop?
Trump named in counts 1, 5, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 27, 28, 29, 38, and 39.
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
Let's see how long the teflon lasts. It is all a show to entertain and distract. except that Trump killed an incredible number of people because of his incompetence. No punishment can account for that.
After hearing about the rico charges, it appears those who wanted to 'drain the swamp' may end up in...
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
Unfortunately, half the country shares their treason.
Let me share a story with you.
racocn8 comments on Aug 15, 2023:
What good is a friend like that if they won't share some juicy secrets? A significant component of the UAP-related pending legislation involves releasing personnel of their oaths as it relates to intelligence on UAP.
I realized something today.
racocn8 comments on Aug 14, 2023:
Prose can be beautiful (quaint) and ugly (false) at the same time.
The Pernicious Originalist Hoax The “originalist” view of judicial; thought, put forth ay ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 14, 2023:
You can not shame those who have been bribed (Roberts, Thomas), nor those who are brainwashed (Kavenaugh, Barrett, Gorsuch) , nor those who pathologically hate progressives and social progress (Kavenaugh, Alito, Thomas, Barrett, Gorsuch). These 'people' are unfit for SCOTUS.
EXCLUSIVE: Ivana Trump's cordoned-off grave is barely visible in completely overgrown area of ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 13, 2023:
And that's where some of the remaining missing classified documents are buried...
“I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact”……………..Elon Musk
racocn8 comments on Aug 13, 2023:
Please, go now... And take your buddy Trump with you.
There is a "keyboard warrior" on this site who, like a spoiled child, craves attention by making ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 13, 2023:
Who, Barjoe? Kidding aside, it's sad. He wasn't that bad before. If I don't see an improvement, ...
Step 1 Know thyself Step 2 Know God (or whatever term you like) (It's not an objective word, ...
racocn8 comments on Aug 13, 2023:
Is there anything to really know? What do you think you know?
The cure for narcissism, sociopaths, and psychopaths These types are all about self.
racocn8 comments on Aug 13, 2023:
Narcissism challenges our notions of self and intentionality. The way narcissists can be characterized describes a nearly mechanical personality, much as we ascribe to animals and instinct. Features of narcissism: Controlling. Very or entirely self-focused. Use people and need adoring people. Those that don't comply are discarded. But rage always feels so much better with an audience. Don't care about people, and may be devoid of empathy. Love drama and thrive on it. They may be all about getting in other people's faces. Inclined to lie shamelessly or pathologically. They do a lot of damage to others. Believe they should get their way ALL the time. Super-transactional. Only threatening issues that are important to them can provide any leverage (i.e. losing medical or law license) 'Therapeutic' strategies are few. (hallucinogens? Psilocybin and ibogaine?) Numbers are increasing ( autism? ...environmental origin? Or spreading by behavioral memes? Cultism)
Understand something. I am in complete control. You are not in control, you are under control.
racocn8 comments on Aug 13, 2023:
If only we were in complete control... I relax 'hard' to decrease my heart rate. (I'm glad I can't stop it.). As for under control, from inside or outside or both. Were you going somewhere with that?...
Words to live by
racocn8 comments on Aug 11, 2023:
And they are intent on making hell on Earth for the rest of us.
Life in the universe is very very rare
racocn8 comments on Aug 11, 2023:
Except that the Earth formed 8-9 billion years after the big bang and by most accounts, galaxies formed less than half a billion years after the Big Bang. That suggests that the conditions for life developed 1-2 billion years after the Big Bang. Once a civilization develops, if it survives long enough to develop faster-than-light travel, they could seed any number of planets, perhaps all that can support it. That is only one reason why the Drake Equation is BS.
My god. Have you been to a gas station lately?
racocn8 comments on Aug 11, 2023:
Hey, a blond sticking it in the right place...
Hope the ovens are separate
racocn8 comments on Aug 11, 2023:
You don't want to do a DNA test on the pepperoni.
racocn8 comments on Aug 10, 2023:
I actually have some shares of that, but I've lost 30% on it so far. It'd be nice to get some of that back...
Southern parenting starts early
racocn8 comments on Aug 10, 2023:
Are you hungry?
racocn8 comments on Aug 10, 2023:
I see electric bug-zappers getting advertised again. Last I heard, people were put off when they found out that vaporizing insects created a cloud of microbe-laden droplets that settled onto all nearby surfaces...
I miss my young days and would like to experience again. Any volunteers? No men please.
racocn8 comments on Aug 9, 2023:
...nothing to see...
Are we getting the band back together? Hey, y'all!
racocn8 comments on Aug 9, 2023:
Nice to see you all. I'm not sure if I want to spend as much time as I used to, but I really do miss the therapy. And some interesting developments in the interim.... Welcome back to you all...
Apparently May was the coldest month ever so far.
racocn8 comments on Jun 1, 2023:
El Nino is here to warm things up...
Harvard’s Avi Loeb Wants to Prove This Meteorite Is an Alien Probe
racocn8 comments on Jun 1, 2023:
What a perfect example of the deranging effects of the debunking cult. Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up... Human beings can't fly, I mean, travel faster than light... I can't conceive of it, so it can't happen. (Where have I heard that one?). What a load of projection. Except that China DOES have it's own UFO study. Russia's was Thread-3. Quite a few countries have their own programs (Chile, Italy, UK, France...) I hope Loeb finds his meteor, regardless of whether it's natural or artificial. Finding an extrasolar specimen is absolutely worth it. Even today we have: "Sean Kirkpatrick, a physicist and director of the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said Wednesday: "We see these ['metallic orbs'] all over the world, and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers." The list of distinguished government officials that have admitted UFOs exist is a long one. More critically, the presence of UFOs in restricted air space and interfering with nuclear weapons is extremely well documented from dozens of both US and foreign servicemembers. (The incident where UFO's ACTIVATED the ICBM firing sequence occurred in Ukraine). At the same time, the Pentagon has maintained a policy of disparagement and gaslighting to forestall disclosure, even in the face of these "drones" causing jets to crash. In addition to the meteor retrieval, Loeb is putting together state-of-the-art astronomical equipment to get decent photography and tracking, seeing as how the Pentagon won't declassify the hundreds of videos and other reports it refuses to release (according to Harry Reid). It is intriguing how the know-nothing debunker cultists demonstrate their utter ignorance of the subject, precisely mirroring the Christian fascists who don't know their own Bible.
They are really getting the best of Uncle Joe, aren't they? LOL
racocn8 comments on Jun 1, 2023:
Say again which one is cognitively impaired?
Making plans for future Florida trips.
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
Would that his 70 million followers would follow him there. Not soon enough for justice, which has already been denied.
I anticipate a load of social media posts about flying saucers and aliens by this weekend.
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
As if NASA would ever be anything more than an embarrassingly obsequious stooge of the Deep State. Let them put the Kecksburg object on display or did they lose that too along with ALL the documentation?
The Real Alice In Wonderland Lewis Carroll Had an Unusual Relationship With - YouTube
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
Creepy? Maybe. But not a single shred of evidence that anything ever happened, nor that any harm transpired. That doesn't stop the narrator from making that exact inference in every other sentence. I'd say the producer of this video is at least as suspect as Dodgson. I classify this as the same as how Christian fascists get a hard-on when denouncing gays.
Finally the mystery is solved
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
Camel-toes have a clitoris?
Letters From An American 05/30/2023
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
I'm outraged at the way the industrial side of the Military Industrial Complex charges multiples of what their parts and services actually cost when they have sole-bidder contracts. I support helping Ukraine, but our own military has shown that it doesn't really care whether the US lapses into the same fascism it used to oppose. Indeed, fascism has become the goal of the GQP.
[] THE mOODY bLUES Timothy Leary is dead.
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
Extract from Hallucinogen Pharmacology chapter: Ergot: Claviceps purpurea (Hypocreaceae) grows as a fungus on grasses, especially rye. The fruiting stalk looks like a purple-black club-shaped growth. The fruiting body feeds on the grass kernels. Ergotism provides the earliest record of mycotoxicosis or poisoning by toxic molds. Mid-wives passed along the secret to properly dose ergot extracts to aid in childbirth. The ergot extract helped women whose contractions were too weak to expel the baby. Ergot may have been used to induce abortions. In 1976, Linnda R. Caporael suggested that ergotism caused the bizarre behavior of women in Salem (prompting the Salem witch trials). Subsequent research did not support the proposition. Extraction of Ergot yields lysergic acid, and this can be purified and chemically converted to LSD. Albert Hoffman first developed the compound in 1938. In 1947, Sandoz Laboratories began marketing LSD for use in psychiatry, claiming efficacy for schizophrenia, sexual perversion, and even criminal behavior. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the psychiatrist Humphry Osmond used LSD to treat his patients and reduce their addiction to alcohol. The term "psychedelic" (literally means mind manifesting) comes from Osmond. In 1966, Timothy Leary founded the League for Spiritual Discovery using LSD use as a sacrament. At 200 micrograms (ug), the mid-range dose of LSD demonstrates a singularly potent molecule. The fit in the receptor is so snug that, besides its low dose, the effects last for up to 12 hours. The drug binds tightly to some of the serotonin receptors and thus can prevent sleep. Other effects include reduced appetite, pupil dilation, and sweating. LSD acts as an agonist to the D2 receptor which may cause some of its psychoactivity. LSD binds to most serotonin receptors, but not to the 5-HT3 and 5-HT4 receptor subtypes. The effects of LSD can be blocked by 5-HT2A antagonists. Research suggests that LSD increases glutamate release in the cerebral cortex thus excites this region. Another finding shows cross-tolerance between LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin, reinforcing the notion that they all work the same way, at least in part. The term “microdosing” refers to the practice of consuming low levels of LSD (or psilocybin) to gain stimulation without the high. Producers set the dosages to be 1/10 to 1/20 of the minimum level to hallucinate. In surveys, people microdosing LSD said they did it to enhance performance, to improve their mood or sociability, to obtain relief for physical symptoms, or out of curiosity.
For insurance I have the "gold" plan.
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
The billionaires use their pocket change to bribe the politicians, who then pass laws to keep them in control and with unfettered access to your wallet.
Full blown ads for Xanax in the posts.
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
What is happening in June 2?
I bet there a lot of people here that played with these, so lets see those votes
racocn8 comments on May 31, 2023:
Hammer on pavement...
We just honored the fallen, Trump considers them suckers and losers.
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
I expect the military, including the intelligence agencies, to protect the country from threats, internal and external. They have done an utterly incompetent job in that regard, and appear not to have any interest in improving on their record. Do they have no comment on Cash Patel, or Charles Flynn, or the ridiculous failure to protect the Capitol given the completely public run-up to the insurrection? How is it these 'intelligence' agencies see fit to censor our news (That multiple long guns were confiscated INSIDE the Capitol) so that the GQP can claim the attempted coup was a tourist excursion. With the Christian fascist death wish of disparaging climate change, the military will have its hands full when mass starvation and migration hit this hemisphere. It's all about money until people start dying by the millions. Truthfully, the U.S. ended a long time ago... (Thank you MFing Truman)
Going to talk about the actual term "spiritual awakening".
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
You do you. Perhaps someday you'll clue us in as to what you're talking about. But beware,... You can see how so most people have fallen into this or that rabbit-hole. I've lost a few lifelong friends because they went nuts with guns or anti-vax BS. I'm pretty sure I have lots of company in that experience. Normally it doesn't matter, but I sure don't appreciate these people expecting me to follow them into obsessive psychosis.
INTERNATIONAL CANNABIS NEWS 5/30/20223 The Czech Republic's national drug policy coordinator ...
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
I gather that Czech Republic allows cannabis. The drug policy coordinator is threatening the country? Fire his ass.
CANNABIS BUSINESS 5/30/2023 Canopy Growth Corporation is being targeted with a class action ...
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
Fuck Carnival. I'll remember not to patronize them...
The fact so many of my fellow veterans support this traitor baffles and disgusts me
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
A lot of the servicemen that support Trump are psychopaths that went into the military in hopes of killing people; white Christian fascists. The are too married to their hate of non-whites to pay attention to Trump having said soldiers were fools and suckers. Indeed, those that embrace a traitor and degenerate are fools and suckers.
At an event last night, when I told someone that I was 75% Jewish, they asked me if the other 25% of...
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
I have heard that the percent of secular Jews greatly increased after the Holocaust...
Dream come true - why I love science
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
Too much good stuff...
"Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars, now wars are manufactured to sell weapons" - ...
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
Wars are manufactured to sell OR TEST weapons. (to improve them, of course)
Black and white asswipe.
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
Trump is the answer to anyone who believes in Karma or God's Plan.
The new generation will change the world
racocn8 comments on May 30, 2023:
Does he go through TSA like that?
Uganda: Museveni needs to be buggered 20 times every day for the rest of his life: [abc.
racocn8 comments on May 29, 2023:
And that is exactly what the Christian fascists would do here if they had the chance.
Looking to ([] )?
racocn8 comments on May 28, 2023:
Yes, let's buy a home in another dangerous country jam-packed with poverty, fascism, religious intolerance and insanity...
Are foods being turned into Bioweapons?
racocn8 comments on May 28, 2023:
Based on our experiences with the mRNA COVID-19 shots, which more and more experts are starting to refer to as bioweapons, it’s not farfetched to wonder whether the use of mRNA in livestock might be a form of biowarfare against the public as well, this time through the food supply. Fucking hilarious. It would be a wonderful thing if only it had any truth to it.
This is frightening and so now. []
racocn8 comments on May 28, 2023:
The anti-vax rabbit hole is deep with many warrens and dead ends. What good is keeping your health when you've already lost your mind?


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