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Just a group for if you just want to talk about your day or stuff on your mind that doesn't fit into any category and you don't feel needs to be up on the front page. Ramblings and work stress and family stress and day to day whatnots. Go ahead, tell me about your day 🙂

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where are the the hippys?
stepping Jan 17 Jan 17 11 comment
Just made a donation to the Australian wildfires.....anyone joining me?
Lilac-Jade Jan 5 Jan 5 11 comment
Hi there! Lesbian trans woman here, NOT LOOKING FOR CISGENDER MEN! My name is Olivia, and I'm a big New England Patriots fan. I'm also a bit of a music geek. Let's talk about... anything, everything, and nothing.
OliviaMatteo Nov 28 Nov 28 11 comment
So...I did a thing. A bit lighter now. 😎
Twisted185 July 14 Jul 14 11 comment
Has anyone started a side business? I'm looking for a business to do while having a full time job that I can build and work at my own pace. Any interesting suggestions? I know it has to be what one is personally interested in too.
Mom-goddess July 5 Jul 5 00 comments
What are some artists that you can just zone out to like when doing chores or getting some cardio. For me, my go to is -audioslave -powerman 500 -skindred -breaking benjamin -flobots -volbeat -devildriver
bloodypoptart Feb 13 Feb 13 11 comment
How does anyone stay happy on a daily basis?
Mom-goddess Dec 31 Dec 31 88 comments
I’ve been having some trouble with my sister lately. she is deep into religion and our mother was schizophrenic and i think she might be too. long story short, she has been dating the father of my children for about 6 years now and my 16 year old ...
QueenTrash Nov 22 Nov 22 33 comments
Several days someone posted a comment about songs that evoke strong emotions upon hearing them As for myself,Vincent by Don Mclean.Something about the lyrics moves me,I think the statement that people don't listen,and how it can affect a person who ...
WayneDalton Oct 24 Oct 24 11 comment
I remember a song from the early nineties, and one lyric stands for out me. That is,trying to find a place in this world. I feel completely unmoored and adrift.
WayneDalton Oct 22 Oct 22 00 comments
Turned 60 last week and moved into a new room outfitted with bathroom, shower.?
GregAndrews Oct 3 Oct 3 33 comments
Getting back into the swim after a week-long conference. I thought I came home inspired, but that got lost when the work week started. Slog slog. Thing is, I do love my work. We are very perverse creatures sometimes.
chicagojcb Oct 3 Oct 3 11 comment
Made some Fan-dam-tastic breaded pork chops Sunday, along with couscous & a salad. Ate like a starved pig during the Packer game. Will have one chop left over for Monday's supper. Right now, it's the wee hours of the morning; I can't sleep, yet have ...
kozmic Sep 10 Sep 10 11 comment
Somehow, my beloved Packers pulled it off. With minutes to go, they beat Da Bears. For 3 quarters I was having flashbacks to the Lindy Enfante years. But, somehow they woke up in the fourth quarter. Yea! By mid-morning all will be drowned out by some...
kozmic Sep 10 Sep 10 11 comment
fireworks weekend. visited my uncle john, jack. at his nursing home. they put him in hospice. around the time rednecks, racists, and religious, voted trump. so, that's 41 months. the wheels are still turnin'. go see your people, before they get ...
anonymous Sep 4 Sep 4 00 comments
Unexpected teenager free weekend for me ? I guess I will work on my dissertation ?
DoctoralZombie Aug 24 Aug 24 11 comment
I hate to be unsure of my life, and what I'm doing. It feels like if I feel a little doubt and fear, that it will undermine my ability to deal with all this shit that's going on. But then I feel like I'm doing well, and I'm gripped with the fear that...
onlyduh Aug 21 Aug 21 11 comment
My family is struggling financially, I can't help but to think that if I were religious I could get help much more easily.... further more if I wasn't on SSI and in Subsidized housing probably even easier then. I need some help brainstorming a ...
Secular_Squirrel Aug 19 Aug 19 22 comments
Wildfire smoke is awful. We live in an area with surrounding forests & these photos are from my kitchen window. The first totally hides the forest behind the homes & their yard trees. The second shows some of the forest appearing after the ...
Lilac-Jade Aug 12 Aug 12 22 comments
Just found out I'm losing ohp/medicaid because I make too much . Problem is, I can't afford insurance on my own, any more than I can afford go the doctor on my own, plus I'm in therapy and in a maintenance medication, neither of which I can afford ...
Carlana Aug 8 Aug 8 22 comments
Good day to all. So thankful for another Day In the LIFE as it is. Prosperity is wonderful & our choices are inevitable. The circumstances for choices selected are the real challenges. But most of all, every action of suspense is forever an ...
tighereye July 4 Jul 4 00 comments
Good morning. I'm spending the day avoiding the heat outside. I'll be reading in the air conditioning.
idoubtit July 2 Jul 2 00 comments
We have 1 employee bathroom for the E.R. so it really pisses me off when someone spends 45 fucking minutes avoiding their responsibilities in it, because there are SIXTY of us in this department and SOME of us don't have the time to run to the other ...
LadyAlyxandrea July 1 Jul 1 00 comments
I came to the town of my work early so I could eat my weight in the best dumplings in kansas because YOLO lol So far 5 ambulance have zoomed by while I've been eating. This is looking ominous and foreshadowey for how my work day is going to go
LadyAlyxandrea June 30 Jun 30 11 comment
I'm still alive! Haha! I'm still sore, and getting my energy back. Yesterday morning, I somehow kicked my side table over, breaking a glass and getting stuff everywhere. I managed to clean all it up after a nap from almost dying. Today I managed to ...
LadyAlyxandrea June 30 Jun 30 22 comments

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