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If it was not for the Latinos and the Orientals there will be no Bilinguals in ameriKKKa. I myself I am fluent in 4 languages. How many republiKKKans are bilingual outside of the Traitors to their Hispanic culture (I don't consider them Latinos).
GipsyOfNewSpain Feb 18 Feb 18 22 comments
Sen. Tom Cotton Still Pitching Debunked Theory About Coronavirus Sen. Ton Cotton (R-Ark.) is continuing to push a bogus and long ago debunked conspiracy theory circulating in many right-wing circles, that the coronavirus began in a ...
johnnyrobish Feb 17 Feb 17 00 comments
Nazi ameriKKKa... the newest banana republic in the whole world matching old Nazi germany.
GipsyOfNewSpain Feb 17 Feb 17 22 comments
The Truth about Unpresident trump.
GipsyOfNewSpain Feb 16 Feb 16 22 comments
John Kelly: "Kelly identified a few key issues where he clashed with Trump, including the Muslim immigration ban and the president's repeated characterization of the media as "the enemy of the state." "The media, in my view, and I feel very ...
Santanaman9 Feb 13 Feb 13 66 comments
Socialism differences
Trumpeter Feb 10 Feb 10 00 comments
California gender neutral birth certificates is the most idiotic page of human history
Trumpeter Feb 10 Feb 10 1111 comments
Congratulations Nancy!!!
Trumpeter Feb 10 Feb 10 00 comments
I wonder how many idiots are going to vote for Bernie Sanders this year. How many dumbass socialist? Think they're going to make the world a better place in America. Which by the way would never happen?Youtube
Drew69 Feb 8 Feb 8 33 comments
Drew69 Feb 8 Feb 8 44 comments
The retribution has begun. Trump just removed EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland as well as decorated Lt Col Alexander Vindman and his brother. This, after he earlier today opened up more protected public lands to his pals in the fossil fuel industry. ...
johnnyrobish Feb 7 Feb 7 55 comments
Can you impeach?
Trumpeter Feb 6 Feb 6 11 comment
Vote for Nancy, the squad leader 😝
Trumpeter Feb 5 Feb 5 22 comments
POLL Race tricky questions
Trumpeter Feb 5 Feb 5 11 comment
Taxophone rally!
Trumpeter Feb 4 Feb 4 22 comments
Gender equality
Trumpeter Feb 3 Feb 3 11 comment
Respect contractors and honest red necks!!!
Trumpeter Feb 2 Feb 2 00 comments
Why we vote for politicians?
Trumpeter Feb 1 Feb 1 44 comments
Trump Expands Immigration Ban - Adding Mostly African Nations President Trump just added six more "mostly African nations” to his administration’s travel ban, including Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country - in a widely anticipated ...
johnnyrobish Jan 31 Jan 31 33 comments
How taxation works
Trumpeter Jan 30 Jan 30 66 comments
Fear of viruses revealed!
Trumpeter Jan 28 Jan 28 22 comments
How to be a patriot
Trumpeter Jan 28 Jan 28 00 comments
Best sniffer brand!
Trumpeter Jan 27 Jan 27 44 comments
Conspiracy theories that filmed came true!
Trumpeter Jan 26 Jan 26 11 comment
Bloomberg LMAO 😂
Trumpeter Jan 26 Jan 26 88 comments

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