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A group for movie fans who enjoy foreign films. To avoid any confusion these should be any film not labeled "made in USA," which include any non-English language films or films considered exclusively from Great Britain or Canada.

Whenever possible please include country film is from, some cast members, year of release, a short description of film such as story and genre (comedy, horror, suspense, drama, documentary,etc.).

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu)​ Youtube
GeorgeRocheleau Feb 15 Feb 15 00 comments
"Monsieur Hire," a 1989 French drama/mystery. After a young woman is murdered, M. Hire - a lonely tailor- becomes the prime suspect and is hounded by a French Police Detective. Rated R for language and brief nudity. Cast: Michel Blanc, Sandrine...
Ray13 Feb 5 Feb 5 00 comments
"The Maid," a 2009 Spanish-language comedy-drama. After years of live-in service, maid Raquel hears that her Chilean family employer might hire another maid to pick up her slack. Raquel sets out to run off all applicants. A Sundance Film Festival ...
Ray13 Feb 2 Feb 2 00 comments
"Wild Tales," a 2014 Spanish-language film from Argentina. Made up of 6 separate tales of the black-comedy genre concerning rage, deception, and revenge. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Oscar. Cast: Ricardo Darin, Oscar Martinez, Erica Rivas. ...
Ray13 Jan 28 Jan 28 11 comment
LINK The best political movies ever made, from ‘Mr. Smith’ to ‘Mean Girls’ - The Washington Post
William77 Jan 27 Jan 27 00 comments
From Director Guillermo del Toro one of his best films, "Pan's Labyrinth," a 2006 Spanish-language film and winner of Oscars in cinematography, makeup and art direction. Story: During the Spanish Revolution in 1944 a young girl is drawn into a ...
Ray13 Jan 21 Jan 21 22 comments
I posted this movie over a year ago, but since there are more members now who may have missed it I am reposting it. "Cinema Paradiso," a 1988 French film, and winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, is an extremely captivating film about ...
Ray13 Jan 17 Jan 17 33 comments
"He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not" a 2002 French thriller/suspense starring popular French actress Audrey Tautou ( Amelie ) . An art student ( Tautou ) becomes infatuated with a married cardiologist who may or may not reciprocate her affection. ...
Ray13 Jan 15 Jan 15 11 comment
"OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies" is a spy 'James Bond' movie parody from France. Cast: Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, Jean-Francois Halin. Trailer: Youtube
Ray13 Jan 13 Jan 13 11 comment
"Tell No One," a 2006 suspense/thriller from France. A man, whose wife was murdered 8 years ago, receives a mysterious email and video showing she is still alive - with a message to 'tell no one.' Cast: Guillaume Canet, Marie-Josee Cluzet, Kristin ...
Ray13 Jan 11 Jan 11 11 comment
"Solas," a 1999 Spanish language drama about a trio of lonely people - an embittered, alcoholic woman, her daughter, and a kind-hearted neighbor widower and the effect their individual lives have on each other. Cast: Ana Fernandez, Maria Galiana, ...
Ray13 Jan 4 Jan 4 11 comment
Visit [[]] for foreign films. While I was a Netflix subscriber ten years ago I acquired a Facets catalog and ordered films from many nations, including film festival winners and 1959s French new wave films.
yvilletom Jan 3 Jan 3 11 comment
If you not already have seen Japanese Manga "Spirted Away" I highly recommend it. Great imagination.
Jolanta Jan 3 Jan 3 22 comments
"The Woman in the Dunes" is a 1964 suspense/drama from Japan. An entomologist traveling through a stretch of desert comes across a strange woman living in a small shack in the bottom of a large sand pit. After accepting her offer to rest there, he ...
Ray13 Jan 3 Jan 3 22 comments
"The City of Lost Children" is a 1995 French-Spanish-German fantasy about a crazed scientist who is aging prematurely because of his inability to have dreams, and his bizarre plan to kidnap children so he can tap into their dreams. Set in a very ...
Ray13 Dec 31 Dec 31 11 comment
"The Band's Visit" is a 2007 Israeli comedy/drama about an Egyptian Police Band that gets on the wrong bus to their scheduled performance and end up staying in a small desert town overnight. Cast: Sasson Gabai, Ronit Elkabetz, Saleh Bakri, Khalifa ...
Ray13 Dec 29 Dec 29 22 comments
It's in English with Spanish subtitles.. Really a good short film. Youtube
Captain_Feelgood Dec 24 Dec 24 11 comment
Jean-Luc Godard's 1967 film "Week-End." French/Italian Godard's vision of the decline and fall of consumer society through the eyes of a young couple. Note: contains sexual situations and violence, and may be a bit confusing at times. Recommended...
Ray13 Dec 23 Dec 23 00 comments
The Two Popes | Official Trailer Youtube
GeorgeRocheleau Dec 17 Dec 17 00 comments
From France, "The Color of Lies," a 1999 drama/mystery, set in a small seaside town, about the discovery of a murdered 10 year-old girl and the famous painter, now an art teacher, who is the main suspect. Cast: Jacques Gambin, Sandrine Bonnaire, ...
Ray13 Dec 13 Dec 13 00 comments
"La Dolce Vita," an Italian movie considered by some to be Federico Fellini's masterpiece. If you are a big fan of foreign films there's not much else I need to say. 174 min. Trailer: Youtube
Ray13 Nov 18 Nov 18 11 comment
Looks hilarious.. Youtube
Captain_Feelgood Nov 18 Nov 18 11 comment
From Japan, a 2017 sci-fi thriller: "Before We Vanish." From director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a unique tale of alien invasion as 3 aliens travel to Earth on a reconnaissance mission, each one taking possession of human bodies...leaving only hollow shells,...
Ray13 Oct 24 Oct 24 11 comment
Today's Google Doodle celebrates Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau, inventor of the phenakistiscope, a device that led to the birth of cinema by creating the illusion of a moving image led to the invention of movies. []
William77 Oct 14 Oct 14 00 comments
"Eyes Without a Face" aka "Thr Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus." A 1959 French horror film set in a secluded French countryside where a radical surgeon performs expermental surgery on his daughter to restore her face that was disfigured in an auto ...
Ray13 Oct 12 Oct 12 11 comment

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