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A for people who are interested in paleontology, archeology, and anthropology. Pseudoscience, ancient aliens, etc. discouraged.

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Really interesting anomalies or a new version of hominid ancestry?
Allamanda July 10 Jul 10 55
New findings offer explanation as to why Mayans abandoned their cities:
Druvius July 4 Jul 4 33
Australian Aboriginal underwater archaeology
Geoffrey51 July 4 Jul 4 22
Why are there no baby dinosaurs? A TED talk.
silverotter11 July 3 Jul 3 22
Rather astonishing! Not sure why/how the Bison part got added: "The reconstruction of Elasmotherium,A Siberian Bison or Unicorn Bison. This extinct animal can be dated back to 39.000 years ago and use to lived in the Eurasian ...
Allamanda July 1 Jul 1 44
Neat discovery in Norway:
Druvius July 1 Jul 1 22
LINK First Viking ship excavation in a century begins in Norway - BBC News
Amzungu June 28 Jun 28 22
LINK The astonishing vision and focus of Namibia's nomads
Amzungu June 27 Jun 27 11
A new bone analysis technique and the Neaderthals' tool use:
Allamanda June 26 Jun 26 22
A visual image of the latest henge found near Stonehenge
Magister June 22 Jun 22 00
A visual image of the latest henge found near Stonehenge
Magister June 22 Jun 22 11
LINK Entire Sunken Medieval Village is Eerily Emerging from an Italian Lake
bobwjr June 22 Jun 22 22
LINK Stonehenge: Neolithic monument found near sacred site - BBC News
Amzungu June 22 Jun 22 11
The Fulu Biota, a new Fossil Lagerstätte from the Late Cambrian of Yunnan Province, China. The term lagerstätte is used by Palaeontologists to describe a particularly rich fossil source; a site where fossils are ...
JoeB June 19 Jun 19 00
Understanding ecdysis in Early Cambrian Scalidophoran Worms. The epidermis is a fundamental cellular tissue of Metazoans (Animals) which acts as an interface between the external medium and the body interior. It ...
JoeB June 16 Jun 16 11
LINK Hidden temple in a buried Roman city discovered by ground-penetrating radar | Live Science
bobwjr June 15 Jun 15 00
Oldest London theater found..,the Red Lion!
Larimar June 14 Jun 14 11
LINK 20,000 Women and 100,000 Castrated Men to Serve the Emperor: The Imperial Harem of China | Ancient Origins
Jetty June 13 Jun 13 44
Researchers are finding that modern women who carry a Neanderthal gene have some definite advantages...
TO_BY June 13 Jun 13 33
NEWS RELEASE 11-JUN-2020 New discovery of giant bipedal crocodile footprints in the cretaceous of Korea CU Denver researcher Marin Lockley was a member of the team that found the well-preserved footprints UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER ...
t1nick June 12 Jun 12 22
Oh those Crazy Christians, for everybody else there's science. :D
Surfpirate June 10 Jun 10 11
LINK Red Lion: Archaeologists 'find London's earliest theatre' - BBC News
Amzungu June 10 Jun 10 33
Pelagiella exigua: A Stem Gastropod with chitinous chaetae from the Early Cambrian Kinzers Formation of Pennsylvania. Dextrally coiled Pelagiellids, globally distributed in Early to Mid-Cambrian assemblages of small ...
JoeB June 9 Jun 9 00
LINK Lost Mountain Pass Found in Norway and it's Full of Viking Artifacts
bobwjr June 8 Jun 8 22
Guangweicaris spinatus: A Fuxianhuiid Arthropod from the Early Cambrian Guanshan Biota of Yunnan Province, China The Fuxianhuiids occupy a crucial position in the upper stem-lineage of Euarthropods, and have gained ...
JoeB June 7 Jun 7 44

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