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Indigenous Australian Aboriginal Rock art dated somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand years old.
The nearest display in situ to my home is Muttawingee National Park, I have been there a number of times and the art there is spectacular to say the least.
Some depicts are actual maps showing the nearest and best water sources some depict Meeting Sites /Places, others depict either humans animals, natural/normal events, happenings and some even stories and tales pertaining to the Dreamtime.
I hope you will like the offer on behalf of country and its original peoples as these were most likely painted anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

Triphid 9 May 4
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Excellent example

bobwjr Level 10 May 5, 2022

Thank you, much appreciated.


Fabulous. Even better when you can view it in situ. I think site in Lascaux, France had to be closed to the public as idiots damaged it.

MizJ Level 8 May 4, 2022

The National Park closest to where I live is still operating and open to the public as are many across Australia and one can, with Indigenous Rangers as Guides visit and see the artworks.
There even a number of very ancient campsites and Meeting site even closer to where I live, one being less than 7 miles away from my house and very few people even know that it is there except myself an a few Aboriginal Elders, of which due to my having Aboriginal heritage from way back am considered to be an Elder as well.

@Triphid I would love to see those places. The closest thing I have seen in person was petroglyphs in Canada.[]

The Aboriginal culture and artwork there is truly unique.

Bloody shame that there must be idiotic vandals and the like who seek to destroy everything and thing just because they think they can.
I'd dearly love to an International and Universally Proclaimed and Policed Law whereby Vandals either caught in the act or proven conclusively in Courts MUST destroy EVERY material thing of value, emotional or otherwise to them that IS NOT a living thing IN Public and have it and their identity/identities broadcast to the entire world.
And as an adjunct the same should apply to Child Molesters, Wife/Husband Beaters, etc, etc, and the like as well.
We have been FORCED by the, imo, Bleeding Hearts Cry-babies, to be far far too soft on that kind for way, way too long and look where it has gotten us now.

@MizJ Best then to save your pennies, so to speak, and hope that when the Science Boffins FINALLY decide to attack the COVID virus where it real, hurts, the Genome, then may time to come and spend a few months enjoying them BEFORE some money-grubbing Liberal-National Party Government in the future decides to sell the lands and minerals on which these sites stand to a certain BIG Asain Government whom I shall not dignify by naming.

@Triphid There are too many people on the planet and limited resources, land, potable water, etc.

The biggest challenge would be transportation once there as driving on the left is not something I have mastered, even the sheep on the side of the road were scared when I got behind the wheel in New Zealand.

@MizJ Um, MOST Grazing Properties have boundary fences around these days, unlike 20 or so years ago, because of the attitudes, etc, of the latest generations unfortunately in regards to their seeming ethos of " Why should I buy lamb from a Supermarket when I can shoot one in a paddock?"
Only when some brain-dead half-wit leave a boundary gate open do the sheep stray on to main highways these days, roos and emus, well that is a different story, travel during the daylight hours, despite movies like Wolf Creek and its ilk, is the best way to do it.
And hey, as to YOU scaring N.Z. ( Kiwi) sheep, they are already scared and that is because, Aussie joke here btw, Kiwi Sheep Farmers PREFER sheep as "companions" to women because only ever bleat and NEVER get pregnant to humans...LOL.
That is why N.Z. sheep are always ready to run at anything made by humans...LOL.

@Triphid Now I want rack of lamb! I have had moose and bear run in front of me while driving. Years ago I was driving a friend's massive Cadillac and a deer ran into the side of the car, if it had been a moment later she would likely have come through the windshield as I was going about 50 MPH/80KPH.

New Zealand...where men are men and sheep are afraid. NZ is a beautiful place, I would go back.

@MizJ We Aussie always tease our Kiwi, N.Z. neighbours and friends and they do the same to us.
I suppose it is due to the sense of humour that developed sans the influences from the Northern Hemisphere.
You have your rack of lamb and I'll settle for a BIG lamb chop cooked on the barbeque with a stack of cooked potatoes and grilled onions instead.

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Posted by TriphidIndigenous Australian Aboriginal Rock art dated somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand years old.

Posted by TriphidIndigenous Australian Aboriginal Rock art dated somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand years old.

Posted by TriphidIndigenous Australian Aboriginal Rock art dated somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand years old.

Posted by TriphidIndigenous Australian Aboriginal Rock art dated somewhere between 20 and 30 thousand years old.

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