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Look at this beast. What a beauty! I don't know anything about it except it's a vintage radiator with a built-in bread warmer.
Jetty UK May 26 May 26 77
Evangelicals Unmasked
HumanistJohn VA May 24 May 24 11
Evangelicals Unmasked
HumanistJohn VA May 24 May 24 00
LINK Trump Administration to Redirect WHO Funding to Evangelist Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse, Putting Lives at Risk | American Atheists
bobwjr DE May 23 May 23 33
I'll believe it when I see it... An unhackable, quantum resistant email technology is on its way-
SpikeTalon NV May 19 May 19 00
LINK Where Do White Evangelicals Get Their Coronavirus News? Th...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today
snytiger6 WA May 19 May 19 22
LINK Some evangelicals fear the 'mark of the beast' from a coronavirus vaccine
IAJO163 PA May 15 May 15 55
LINK Many Americans, Especially White Evangelicals, Think Trump is Anointed by God | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA May 12 May 12 00
A vaccum is what vaccum does
St-Sinner TX May 11 May 11 22
10cc - The Things We Do For Love
Dhiltong UT May 11 May 11 44
Philip21 IN May 10 May 10 00
White Evangelicals — Are Slowly Walking Away From Trump Trump Evangelicals Evangelism Religion SeparationofStateandChurch Coronavirus COVID19
LaDizdeOdd TX May 8 May 8 55
Three shots for today's walk...
Merseyman1 FL May 7 May 7 33
The difference between Jesus, Trump, and the Evangelicals of America....summed up perfectly;
Robecology FL May 7 May 7 22
It is of course just coincidence, but this is pretty funny. Dear Evangelicals....
snytiger6 WA May 7 May 7 33
Economists Warn Many Businesses May Never Reopen As President Trump and many Republican governors are making the decision to disregard health expert’s warnings and reopen the country for business, it’s becoming pretty obvious that for ...
johnnyrobish CA May 6 May 6 11
LINK Evangelical fundamentalists who openly defied social distancing guidelines are dying of COVID-19 |
Blackatheist1985 NY May 4 May 4 44
A year to avoid
webspider555 UK May 2 May 2 00
LINK The REAL Reason Evangelicals Elected Trump - YouTube
Blackatheist1985 NY Apr 28 Apr 28 11
Anyone else feel this way?
glennlab TX Apr 22 Apr 22 22
LINK A Poll on Churchgoing in the Age of COVID Shows How Obstinate Evangelicals Are | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Apr 21 Apr 21 11
PHRENOLOGY. - Noun...the detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities; a pseudoscience which involves the measurement of bumps on the scull to predict mental traits. Early 19th ...
Marionville UK Apr 16 Apr 16 77
American funded & trained insurrectionists in Syria spill the beans when they surrender in Damascus. US aggression & war crimes probably will be explained as "false news" by Trump Administration. members in cognitive dissonance over ...
FrayedBear Australia Apr 16 Apr 16 00
LINK White evangelicals love Trump and aren't confused about why. No one should be. (It's all about race and bigotry)
snytiger6 WA Apr 13 Apr 13 22
Dr John LIVE "I'm Confessin' That I Love You"
FearlessFly MN Apr 11 Apr 11 11
wow ... a must-read ... Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist? Here Are the Biblical Predictions:
Philip21 IN Apr 6 Apr 6 1010
The crazy evangelicals are at it again! 😂
Lightupmylife TX Apr 5 Apr 5 11
Washington post on evangelicals endangering us all
bobwjr DE Apr 5 Apr 5 11
Saturday "Anything Goes" Post: Pretty Little Girl with the Blue Dress On by Rhiannon Giddens
Rossy92 VA Apr 4 Apr 4 00
Bob Dylan - Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
FearlessFly MN Apr 2 Apr 2 11
I saw this and had to repost it! So true! Sums Christians up nicely. The evangelicals, while technically strict constructionists, pick and choose what they believe applies to their lives while ignoring inconsistencies and contradictions. ...
Dreamrider FL Apr 2 Apr 2 11
Evangelicals are getting ridiculous , billy grahams brother was on a commercial for a 24 hour prayer line. Now they are on national tv with their scams . Disgusting
bobwjr DE Apr 1 Apr 1 44
I agree with the title:
Jacar MI Mar 29 Mar 29 44
LINK Local COVID-19 Cases Surpass 500 | News | San Diego County News Center
SanDiegoAirport CA Mar 29 Mar 29 22
Ever had "issues" reading a NTY article ? Try this : Install uMatrix (browser extension). Clear all "nyt" cookies. Load the NYT page in private mode. Disallow "" under the XHR column. Reload ...
FearlessFly MN Mar 29 Mar 29 11
LINK Evangelicals Love Donald Trump for Many Reasons, But One of Them Is Especially Terrifying – Mother Jones
HippieChick58 NE Mar 29 Mar 29 66
The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response NYT. "Trump rose to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science, bashes government, and prioritized loyalty over professional expertise. In ...
DevilMayCare OH Mar 29 Mar 29 22
Evangelicals and their toxic influence on life in the country:
BirdMan1 FL Mar 27 Mar 27 55
Fundagelicals and authoritarian worship. Wow! This article is spot-on! It explains so much about why White Evangelicals absolutely worship a president who shows open disdain for many core Christian moral teachings. It's all about the power, ...
MikeInBatonRouge LA Mar 27 Mar 27 44
Bella Ciao - Fonola Band
FearlessFly MN Mar 26 Mar 26 00
LINK 77% of White Evangelicals Say Trump Is Doing a Good Job Dealing With Coronavirus | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Mar 20 Mar 20 11
LINK Doctor: Trump tests negative for coronavirus - AOL News
IAJO163 PA Mar 15 Mar 15 11
LINK Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds Of White Evangelicals See Donald Trump As ‘Honest’ And ‘Morally Upstanding’
SeaGreenEyez IN Mar 13 Mar 13 1414
LINK Survey: Most White Evangelicals Say Trump is Moral, Honest, and Intelligent | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Mar 12 Mar 12 22
LINK Trump Indulges In Twitter Binge As Markets Nose-Dive | HuffPost
redbai CA Mar 9 Mar 9 22
Why are Republicans Evangelicals?
johnnybaby55 FL Mar 7 Mar 7 66
LINK Evangelicals downplay religious expression when working with secular groups
IAJO163 PA Mar 3 Mar 3 00
If I were a religious person, I would say that the Lord has sent us a test (the corona-virus) which will prove what an evil and destructive man Trump is. the fawning group of evangelical demagogues (Bakker, Falwell, Franklin Graham, Robertson, et ...
wordywalt FL Feb 28 Feb 28 22
Oh oh pissed off
bobwjr DE Feb 25 Feb 25 11
As a former Evangelical Christian, I am completely disgusted by the blatant hypocrisy of Evangelicals today. They worship the most corrupt, most evil President in American history. Donald Trump is as close as a person can get to being the ...
IHateTrump MS Feb 22 Feb 22 55
LINK Trump’s words used by kids to bully classmates at school - Washington Post
snytiger6 WA Feb 21 Feb 21 11
No surprises here... Recent attacks show the "tolerant" left is violently intolerant-
SpikeTalon NV Feb 20 Feb 20 22
So it is very likely that 2 Jews will be fighting it out for the Democratic nominee for president and one will move on to run for president. Any thoughts on the Drek they are going to incur from the evangelicals who always profess their love for ...
bklynite53 CA Feb 17 Feb 17 77
Leaked Documents Show Pentagon Was Studying UFO-Related Phenomena Newly leaked documents published by Popular Mechanics show that a shadowy Pentagon program produced reports investigating phenomena such as injuries from 'exotic' propulsion that ...
FearlessFly MN Feb 14 Feb 14 00
There is no logic to support the belief that the religious persuasion of any one demographic or ethnic group condems them to damnation or, conversely, grants them an extrordinary state of grace.The persumption of this credo is the domain of ...
fishline79 PA Feb 14 Feb 14 33
LINK Evangelicals told Trump he was "chosen" by God. Now he says it himself |
snytiger6 WA Feb 11 Feb 11 11
Wuhan faced with a 2nd Virus: Christians are distributing facemasks on the streets of Wuhan as an occasion to proselytize in these people's most desperate hour. This is just so sad on too many levels....
KingofHarts CT Feb 9 Feb 9 1212
Franklin Graham was dropped by every venue on his planned UK tour. It's good to see proselitizers publicly not welcomed on the merits of what they really are. The normalization, acceptance, and endorsement of these things are probably their biggest ...
KingofHarts CT Feb 6 Feb 6 1010
LINK Why Evangelicals Should Oppose Trump and Vote Democrat | Time
snytiger6 WA Feb 3 Feb 3 00
Did this really happen on Twitter during the SuperBowl ? I doubt it. You satire artists are very talented.
SanDiegoAirport CA Feb 2 Feb 2 99
LINK I'm a Pastor Who Ran for Congress as a Republican. Here's Why I'm Encouraging My Fellow Evangelicals Not to Vote for Donald Trump
IAJO163 PA Feb 1 Feb 1 11
LINK Republicans Believes Evangelicals Are More Persecuted Than Muslims And Latinos
bobwjr DE Jan 30 Jan 30 44
LINK Trump administration threatens funds to California over requirement that health plans cover abortion - The Washington Post
Paul4747 MI Jan 24 Jan 24 11
One way to handle the evangelicals
ATDayHiker TN Jan 24 Jan 24 77
LINK Trump Florida rally: My fellow evangelicals cheered his depraved words
snytiger6 WA Jan 20 Jan 20 22
The evangelical's golden boy has now committed all seven deadly sins: lust, Stormy Daniels for one greed, self-evident gluttony, look at his waistline pride, 'I am the chosen one' sloth, plays golf every weekend envy, of Obama's ...
OldMetalHead AZ Jan 20 Jan 20 44
Yet evangelicals adore him
bobwjr DE Jan 19 Jan 19 55
Religion is what is crushing America! Trump said he met with evangelicals? REALLY!!!!! Trump is a criminal and the right wingers love him and believe in God! No! There is NO god! Trump and the right wingers use god as a hate weapon! If right wingers ...
soobydoody607 PA Jan 18 Jan 18 44
LINK 10 Evangelicals Arrested After Killing 7 During Violent Exorcism Rituals In Panama | Michael Stone
snytiger6 WA Jan 17 Jan 17 11
Every time I see this it makes me say , These evangelicals are wondering why their is a decline in people attending their churches. The hypocrisy they show forth is unbelievable!! Trump does his thing , he’s been married multiple times because of ...
Outsideit67 UT Jan 16 Jan 16 11
Something the evangelicals should realize
bobwjr DE Jan 14 Jan 14 66
Trump has found 7plus billion more for his wall, this is over and above what congress approved! Now...we have sick and dying people in Puerto Rico, and trump has a hold on the billions that was approved for the hurricane relief! So people are ...
Freedompath NM Jan 14 Jan 14 44
'Evangelicals for Trump' was an awful display by supposed citizens of the Kingdom of God
JazznBlues MN Jan 13 Jan 13 77
LINK 'Evangelicals for Trump' was an awful display by supposed citizens of the Kingdom of God
IAJO163 PA Jan 13 Jan 13 22
At the Evangelicals For Trump pep-rally. Phony-ness in photographic form.
david75090 TX Jan 12 Jan 12 00
LINK George Conway's Anti-Trump Group Puts Evangelicals On Notice In Damning New Ad
IAJO163 PA Jan 10 Jan 10 33
LINK This Brilliant New Ad Highlights the Hypocrisy of Trump-Loving Evangelicals | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
Scorpio_gurl WA Jan 9 Jan 9 33
LINK Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist? Here Are the Biblical Predictions: - Benjamin L. Corey
ATDayHiker TN Jan 9 Jan 9 1212
LINK Last call for aging white evangelicals: The political marriage to Trump will collapse. What then? – Baptist News Global
HippieChick58 NE Jan 5 Jan 5 44
Extraordinary photo by Alex Coppel of Australian bushfire evacuees on the beach at Malua Bay on the far south coast. Environmental refugees and a horse!
Conkers Australia Jan 4 Jan 4 00
Don't abbreviate 2020. It's for your own good.
LiterateHiker WA Jan 4 Jan 4 2121
I joined this group because I do not see any proof whatsoever that god exists! The bible is responsible for violence and death! So many people have been slaughtered because of the bible! Evangelicals and other religions use god as a hate tool! And we...
soobydoody607 PA Jan 4 Jan 4 1515
GREGARIOUS - Adjective...(of a person) sociable, fond of company. Synonyms, companionable, clubbable, company-loving: (of animals) living in flocks or loosely organised communities: (of plants) growing in open clusters or in pure associations....
Marionville UK Jan 3 Jan 3 00
LINK White Evangelicals More Likely to Support LGBTQ Discrimination
snytiger6 WA Jan 2 Jan 2 00
LINK Poll: White evangelicals distinct on abortion, LGBT policy
IAJO163 PA Jan 2 Jan 2 22
Waking up to the new year in Canberra with smoke haze due to 100s of bushfires making the air quality up to 16 times hazardous levels. Millions of hectares burnt and massive loss of wildlife, livelihoods and biodiversity. Been going on for five weeks...
Conkers Australia Dec 31 Dec 31 00
Daily duo .
Hathacat IL Dec 30 Dec 30 33
"For Christian fundamentalists, being taught to suppress critical thinking begins at a very early age" A neuroscientist explains why Christian evangelicals are hardwired to believe Donald Trump’s lies
MojoDave FL Dec 29 Dec 29 55
LINK Trump picks Miami megachurch with pastor who speaks in tongues for evangelicals event
snytiger6 WA Dec 28 Dec 28 33
RIP the I man the original shock jock even before he was on TV he entertained us New Yorkers on the radio
bklynite53 CA Dec 27 Dec 27 11
“Republican white evangelical Protestants were 75 percent more likely than all Republicans to assert that “immigrants are invading American society.” “White evangelical pastors — and thus their parishioners — are increasingly willing ...
SeekingWisdom WA Dec 27 Dec 27 00
43% of Evangelicals Approve of Trump Being Removed from Office MSN Poll matches all-time high for support of conviction 55%, and opposition plummets to all-time low
SeekingWisdom WA Dec 27 Dec 27 22
LINK 'Civil war' among evangelicals is the last thing Trump needs | MSNBC
snytiger6 WA Dec 26 Dec 26 22
LINK Study Shows White Evangelicals Want Christian Supremacy, Not “Religious Freedom” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
HippieChick58 NE Dec 23 Dec 23 55
LINK Evangelicals stand with Trump: ‘God always chose people that had flaws’
IAJO163 PA Dec 23 Dec 23 33
LINK Study Shows White Evangelicals Want Christian Supremacy, Not “Religious Freedom” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
bobwjr DE Dec 23 Dec 23 11
There has indeed been an attack on us who wish to say Merry verses Happy. But now , thanks to our peachy clean president and the incredible effort of the right wing evangelicals, We all may now say, without ridicule, Merry IMPEACHMENT ASSHOLE
EMC2 FL Dec 22 Dec 22 33
Poll: 43% Of Evangelicals Approve Of Trump’s Removal From Office
MojoDave FL Dec 22 Dec 22 88
LINK Norway Evangelicals Withdrawing From Franklin Graham Festival Because of Trump Support? - The Christian Post
snytiger6 WA Dec 21 Dec 21 11
Christianity Today calls out Trump. Trump and his White-Nationalists-for-Jesus base (aka White evangelicals) lose their shit. This is better than a movie!
MikeInBatonRouge LA Dec 21 Dec 21 33