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I wrote this in response to a post by someone who was annoyd by a mom thanking god for her beautiful daughter. Because some people can't have kids or they die type of sentiment. Im making it its own post because it got long and seemed like an ...
MsAl May 10 May 10 33
I have been struggling with my mental health lately and will be starting Intensive Outpatient therapy next week. I am not new to these types of therapies but I am curious about how others feel about it. Have you attended this type of therapy and how ...
Nofroglegs Feb 22 Feb 22 33
I have a new therapist, she's a Christian and the clinic is owned by a Christian university. My therapist knows I'm an atheist, yet she leaves her religion outside the door. I was diagnosed with GAD, OCD, and MDD. So far so good. I also shared with ...
TimFromla Dec 3 Dec 3 00
I think I might have tactile hallucinations, I know I’m not being touched but it feels like I’m being sexually harassed by these fucked up characters. The first is this one annoying asshole with short-long hair with a black leather jacket and a...
TimothySkaggs Aug 9 Aug 9 11
Earthquake and anxiety, not a good mix.
TimFromla July 6 Jul 6 11
Helping with self harm? Any suggestions?
Jenniferbays137 Dec 8 Dec 8 11
This sucks
Aivery Oct 10 Oct 10 33
Hang in there
pamb68 Sep 23 Sep 23 11
Woke up today with my depression worse than ever. Im so tired of this rollercoaster
pamb68 Sep 5 Sep 5 33
Ive been struggling with depression for a long time. This week my husband and i seperated. Im scared
pamb68 Aug 31 Aug 31 33
I have AIWS. Who else suffers from the syndrome? It's quite difficult to describe to people who don't suffer from it how it feels.
Malachiseyi June 8 Jun 8 11
Has anyone ever called a suicide hotline? What happened? Was it helpful?
Aivery June 8 Jun 8 22
I have BP 1, social anxiety, GAD, and agoraphobia
hootie61 June 4 Jun 4 11
I have social anxiety, OCD, depression, and agoraphobia. I prefer to be alone, but I do a lot of writing. I am starting a ministry and blog. Don't worry; I'm an atheist.
TimFromla June 3 Jun 3 00
Ok so I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression several years ago and have been on many medications in that time everything from Ablify Buproprion Cymbalta Lexapro Prozac and the list goes on and on after a recent visit to my pill pushing Doc and ...
paulson322 May 29 May 29 33
Hi! I have ADHD, anxiety, depression, and while I can leave the house, it scares me enough that I am in therapy to try to overcome it. My husband's depression is bad enough that he landed in the hospital recently and is now receiving ECTs since his ...
MLRoach May 21 May 21 33
Hello Aivery, Welcome to the group. Did you get a chance to watch the Ted Talk video?
DaneScott May 20 May 20 11
DaneScott May 20 May 20 00