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In this group, we discuss policy and other things relevant to US politics. Don't be surprised if hasty notions and irrelevant commentary are met with regulatory action.

About the political leanings of the admin:

I could talk about my beliefs that underpin my views on .. Read more

In this group, we discuss policy and other things relevant to US politics. Don't be surprised if hasty notions and irrelevant commentary are met with regulatory action.

About the political leanings of the admin:

I could talk about my beliefs that underpin my views on politics, but I have to keep it succinct as possible for time constraints.

For many years, I have been highly critical, if not also extremely rejecting of centralized control on both social and economic issues. I am also the same way towards the standing political ideologies, and I think that beliefs can always improve with more particular knowledge.

I think that the government does far too much to parent over our citizenry. I think it is possible to gradually phase out the "bads" market of products and services, until our society is well beyond the mistakes of indulging in it.

I support diversity, public safety, employment, free-association, academia, public health, national defense, patriotism, the value of human life, teamwork, respect, systemic justice, prudent treatment under law, justice under law, animal rights, the environment, ambition, and other positive forces in the political climate.

I reject coercive environments, false accusations, online social media, indiscriminate policing, reckless immigration, offshoring, social darwinism, indiscriminate surveillance, systemic manipulation, corporatism, expensive living, our current tax system, indiscriminate regulations, an extreme majority of globalism, and talking heads.

I think that type-misinformation, organization, population controls, type-conflict and choice conflict between blocs and individuals are important things to address in political contexts.

I believe that the people can use their own lucidity and free choice to gradually improve our institutions.

There's much, much more, but again, I had to keep it succinct.

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How liberal flakes led us to Trump:
Krish55 Aug 9 Aug 9 33
Wanted to make sure y'all are aware of the online march on Washington next Saturday, June 20th. Please join the Poor People's Campaign, sign the letter, spread the word, and be there if you can.
joalanna June 14 Jun 14 00
US Now Officially Has a Space Force and a Space Command While no one seems quite certain as to exactly what they will actually be doing, President Trump has signed into law America’s newest branch of the military - Space Force, by ...
johnnyrobish Dec 27 Dec 27 33
My political beliefs are as follows: Plato was right about some things, not everyone should have the right to vote! I am against everyone having the inherent right to vote, voting should be a privilege set aside for people who have earned it ...
Secular_Squirrel Dec 27 Dec 27 66
“Republican white evangelical Protestants were 75 percent more likely than all Republicans to assert that “immigrants are invading American society.” “White evangelical pastors — and thus their parishioners — are increasingly willing ...
SeekingWisdom Dec 27 Dec 27 00
Trump’s Favorite Cable-News Channel is Now One America News President Trump’s current favorite cable-news network is no longer the Fox News channel, which sometimes disagrees with him, but the ultra-right wing One America News Network - ...
johnnyrobish Dec 26 Dec 26 00
Trump Claims Women Tell Him Dishwashers Don’t Work Right Anymore: President Trump continued addressing the great plumbing issues of our time during a recent Michigan rally, by telling followers that “women tell me” all the time about how they ...
johnnyrobish Dec 21 Dec 21 00
Let’s have a serious discussion about fixing our endangered democracy. Any takers? Of course, this begs the question: how? Let us begin by admitting we can’t solve a problem without understanding the cause. So what are the causes, and the ...
SeekingWisdom Dec 20 Dec 20 44
Short version: More comedy and caveman behavior from workplace morons
DZhukovin Nov 13 Nov 13 00
Sign it, pass it on, or both! (EDIT: This is for fun, don't be dicks)
DZhukovin Nov 9 Nov 9 00
^The radicalization of normies by the Alt-Right. This is a good way of "covering" a very old talking point in common politics. Moreso, it's meant to create discussion about a hate-group. Hate-groups are an issue in politics ...
DZhukovin Nov 1 Nov 1 00
So, I tried writing this in one of the Civilization IV wikis, where maybe it would be an accepted edit. Unfortunately, they removed the edit. Apparently, a fully detailed concept of slavery is inappropriate, even if it's just telling the truth, ...
DZhukovin Oct 17 Oct 17 11
Here is a PDF of something called "Agenda 21" What do we find wrong about it? Do we agree? Why or why not?
DZhukovin Oct 16 Oct 16 22
Long story short, this video is about a supposedly properly conducted study on male and female brain differences...because that's totally reflective of these populations, right? It's really just more political bullshit, composed by inferiors. (More ...
DZhukovin Oct 15 Oct 15 22
A main thing I keep thinking is that in the coming years and decades, I am not sure if I will struggle to bring myself to view the defenders of President Trump as something other than fellow citizens who have done so much to harm the US Constitution ...
kmaz Oct 12 Oct 12 11
This is for the trailer of the upcoming movie "Cuck" Just, peep the comments lol. I had a good laugh reading some of them. Other comments were just dumb, or unkind.
DZhukovin Sep 7 Sep 7 00
In case you were wondering, if there are any good sources of the news, here are some of them: 1. - Great for determining which media sources are liars, and which aren't 2. Google News 3. Reuters 4. SmartNews ...
DZhukovin Sep 6 Sep 6 22
Society doesn't understand how its obsession with puppeteering others, normality, authority and conformity has damned almost all of us to a life of squalor, disease, misery, poverty, lack of opportunity, old age, and death. The masses really are the ...
DZhukovin Aug 28 Aug 28 11
Gun control perspective
Renickulous Aug 15 Aug 15 22
It clicked in my head just now. History is really just the same general thing over and over. You have morphing selves, acting within their thermodynamic allowances in changing organizational structures, and changing space-plots. Organizations ...
DZhukovin Aug 15 Aug 15 22
My fellow Americans...nothing, nothing is more stupid, lowly and base than a political faction that uses BITE. Political factions worth their salt should do the right thing, be about the right thing, and win rapport based on LEGITIMACY alone. ...
DZhukovin Aug 9 Aug 9 00
The other political factions run shit politics, and their leaders are as dumb as the books they read (you know, because they read dumb books. Obviously I'm not attacking books if I say this, for dipshits who run off with impressions). That's why ...
DZhukovin Aug 4 Aug 4 00
POLL Could this lady on the phone be the most intelligent right-winger to ever live?
DZhukovin July 31 Jul 31 22
For what it's worth, I think a main point to get out of the hearings, and the Mueller investigation, is that we have a President who is hostile to attempts to protect the American voting system, and hostile to investigations of a foreign power that ...
kmaz July 25 Jul 25 22
Where on earth is the admin and creator of this group? I ought to wring his neck for under-participating. -D.Z.
DZhukovin July 18 Jul 18 11

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