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In this group, we discuss policy and other things relevant to US politics. Don't be surprised if hasty notions and irrelevant commentary are met with regulatory action.

About the political leanings of the admin:

I could talk about my beliefs that underpin my views on politics, but I have to keep it succinct as possible for time constraints.

For many years, I have been highly critical, if not also extremely rejecting of centralized control on both social and economic issues. I am also the same way towards the standing political ideologies, and I think that beliefs can always improve with more particular knowledge.

I think that the government does far too much to parent over our citizenry. I think it is possible to gradually phase out the "bads" market of products and services, until our society is well beyond the mistakes of indulging in it.

I support diversity, public safety, employment, free-association, academia, public health, national defense, patriotism, the value of human life, teamwork, respect, systemic justice, prudent treatment under law, justice under law, animal rights, the environment, ambition, and other positive forces in the political climate.

I reject coercive environments, false accusations, online social media, indiscriminate policing, reckless immigration, offshoring, social darwinism, indiscriminate surveillance, systemic manipulation, corporatism, expensive living, our current tax system, indiscriminate regulations, an extreme majority of globalism, and talking heads.

I think that type-misinformation, organization, population controls, type-conflict and choice conflict between blocs and individuals are important things to address in political contexts.

I believe that the people can use their own lucidity and free choice to gradually improve our institutions.

There's much, much more, but again, I had to keep it succinct.

#politics #philosophy #Science #Reasoning #Sources

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The next president needs to focus on Climate Change. Here's a relatively new candidate. Watch and learn.. Youtube
By Robecology 7 0 comments FL Mar 6
All the little bobble-heads are just wonderful but how to we fix the broken machine of bureaucracy? People scream about the national debt, they rant and rave over where our hard-earned tax dollars should or should not be spent but isn't most of it ...
By Corsair 4 0 comments PA Feb 20
7 key takeaways from the SOTU speech: 1. Immigration "Congress has 10 days left to pass a bill that will fund our government, protect our homeland and secure our very dangerous southern border." 2. 'Partisan' investigations "An economic miracle...
By brentan 8 0 comments Ireland Feb 6
Hi all: This is a shout-out comment as to my frustration with the opponents of action on climate change, particularly with respect to their predictable unintelligent comments the last week as to the cold in the US and how they think (or portray ...
By kmaz 6 0 comments AZ Feb 3
I would like to see what a bill proposal would look like based on the below, if you know how to write a bill that can hold the potential to become law if passed, please help! The below quote was taken from the Anti-Abrahamic Philosophy page on ...
By Secular_Squirrel 6 2 comments IN Jan 25
Border Policy - I keep wondering if it would be (or would have been) possible for the Trump administration simply to say "ok, we will tally all the sallaries that we are having to pay for Border Patrol and military help to the border patrol, ...
By kmaz 6 1 comments AZ Jan 10
article on the war in Yemen: [nytimes.com] my comment: to a point, I think the better US policy would have been just to stay out of most things in the Middle East. To what end has the US been an actor in the Middle East? For example, when it ...
By kmaz 6 2 comments AZ Nov 1, 2018
Political criticisms and calling out hypocrisy: I'm not only an atheist, but I don't buy into at least some of what are held up as basic Christian concepts around morality and social ethics. This means that when I run across a seemingly ...
By kmaz 6 1 comments AZ Oct 19, 2018
Hello I am looking after a research centre on humanism and atheism and atheistic thinkers Is it the right forum to ask any body interested to sponsor a fellowship
By William77 7 1 comments India Sep 20, 2018
Very interesting concept that could help income inequality... [peoplespolicyproject.org] The idea is to buy out public corporations with money invested from the government. Each American would get a share that cannot be sold. Each share owner ...
By 4Humanity 4 4 comments IN Sep 12, 2018
Hello all, I just joined your group. I will share what happened to my cousin in Florida today. She discovered that she could not vote today because her party affiliation was changed from Democrat to Republican, when they gerrymandered Florida and ...
By egyptrican 7 6 comments PA Aug 28, 2018
Hmmmm, "admin" professes to "reject" online media, though not only is he here on agnostic.com, but he also associates a Facebook link with this group. Think I'll just move along to the next group.
By itsmedammit 7 3 comments IL Aug 10, 2018
Questions, are the political leanings of the admin stated in the intro those of the agnostic admin or of that of this group?
By itsmedammit 7 3 comments IL Aug 10, 2018
Youtube Richard Wolff on the ugly side of the class system. You don't have to be left-leaning to agree that our hamster-cage system needs fixing. I like to think I am pragmatic on economics and favor a type of mixed economics, but this ...
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By DZhukovin 7 3 comments GA Aug 10, 2018
I've read up a little bit recently on the QAnon conspiracy that is now coming to the surface. Just curious as to what "theories" are driving people's thoughts and actions in a political fringe that feels like an alternate universe away from my own ...
By Tampabrew 7 2 comments FL Aug 3, 2018
So Chump dissin' Europe, Kissin Putin...has it all been planned or is he just a buffoon? (Don't forget the Koch bros, deep Repug. state, etc.....
By Lop-Eared-Mule 7 2 comments FL July 17, 2018
Okay, so these are the most recent official platforms of the Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican parties: [s3.amazonaws.com] [prod-cdn-static.gop.com] [lp.org] Where is each party getting the right idea, and where are they seeking the...
Also posted in Politics
By DZhukovin 7 2 comments GA July 6, 2018
Youtube Alright, time to get into serious discussion. It's fair to say that human rights abuses of this magnitude occur pretty frequently, in all parts of the world. What metastructure, above politics, political theory, economics, and ...
By DZhukovin 7 2 comments GA June 21, 2018
What causes people to substitute compassion for those in their own circle with compassion for strangers? Is there a logical reason for this kind of out-group preference?
By DZhukovin 7 7 comments GA June 18, 2018
[oecd.org] ^Read this file. What new insights to the political situation in the USA can be gleaned from it?
By DZhukovin 7 0 comments GA June 16, 2018
Well you sound like a Libertarian.
By skeptic99 5 1 comments NC June 14, 2018
Youtube ^Watch the propaganda video in this link, which is meant to ricochet people into yet another descriptively lacking belief system. Where does Jordan Peterson get it right? Where does he get it wrong?
Also posted in Politics
By DZhukovin 7 4 comments GA June 11, 2018
So, what's your take on tariff policy?😎
By Theskeptic 7 5 comments AR June 1, 2018
Okay, so I made this group a while ago, and participation has been weak because apparently since this group is mine, I'm supposed to create participation. Below are my reasons why I stopped caring about the standing political ideologies, ...
By DZhukovin 7 2 comments GA June 1, 2018
Hello I am new here. Full disclosure: I am an Independent. I am fiscally moderate but socially very liberal. As a member of many marginalized , (Native American, Mexican American, Female and mother of an LGBT child) I hate Trump with a passion. He is...
By cmontes 5 2 comments CA May 6, 2018

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