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Answer to “There's nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man” by Robert Charles:
I submit the following article from Mr. Charles, but would change the title to, “There is nothing more frightening in America than an angry white nationalist.”
contd.They fear their cultural dominance is being threatened and feel entitled to reclaim it through violence. They have come to realize that a true democracy and our democratic values, if applied equally as the Constitution demands, would devalue the privileges of being white…if everyone is treated the same and have the same opportunities then there is no advantage to being white anymore. Rather than see that as social progress, they are enraged and want to preserve and/or reclaim that cultural dominance by the only means they know how: (1) undermine our democratic values and (2) react with anger, intimidation, and violence. As the FBI and DHS noted in a report about two years ago, the biggest threat to our national security is domestic white supremacy groups that are being encouraged by all the recent white nationalist propaganda and politics (i.e., Trump and his GOP minions). I’m not a minority but I’m viewed by the far right as a liberal (despite the fact I was a registered Republican for almost 20 years as a true conservative but left the party after it started to become what it is today)…and they hate me just as much as a minority (a traitor to “my kind&rdquo😉 and think I deserve to die just as much. As one Trumper told me when I politely asked him to move his truck because he was blocking me from leaving a parking spot at Home Depot, “the Revolution is coming…1776…all your liberals will be dead…and I hope I’m the one to shoot you and your son.” Yes, my 3 year old son was standing next me…why he assumed I was a liberal I don’t know as I didn’t talk politics or say anything about his Trump stickers everywhere on his truck. He went on this rant when a police officer patrolling the parking lot stopped and told him he had to move or be ticketed for obstructing traffic.

fishline79 7 Mar 7
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White nationalists are so pent up with anger that , yes, I am fearful for my country. It seems they will lash out against the most vanilla of infractions. & they don't seek the mental health counseling so needed by them.

Mooolah Level 8 May 9, 2022

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