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I guess it was around 2003 when I was a member on a website called CafeMom.
I started a group there called “Love is the answer” that had about 800 members when I left.
One of the exercises I came up with was to find hearts in nature. A Love is everywhere sort of g..
All the moms would share pics of the hearts they came across. It was a sweet way to wake up the attentional bias.
I’m still connected with a few of them today, and they still send me hearts on occasion.

My kids got in on that game and would point out nature made hearts all the time. Clouds, puddles, leaves.. there’s hearts everywhere.

I guess Jake was about 11 when he had gone up to Bear with a friend from school. The boys family had a cabin up there.
Jake and his friend were off riding bikes when Jake yelled out “WAIT UP!”
He hopped off his bike, started scaling down the side of a rocky mountain, on a mission.
Kyle, Jake’s friend was confused.
My little son saw a heart rock and insisted on getting it for me.
The rock was , and his pal thought he was crazy for bringing it back.
He had to take off his shirt, wrap the rock up in it and tangle the rest of the material around his handle bars to finagle getting it back to the cabin.
It was a slow and wobbly ride.

When they finally arrived home after the weekend, Jake jumped out of their car with so much excitement behind giving me this rock, he almost forgot to thank the family for taking him.
Kyle’s dad told me he’d never seen a kid so thoughtful.

That rock is an everything dandelion to me.

AMGT 8 June 26
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My son did the same when he was five or so!

Hathacat Level 9 July 5, 2018

I ❤ this story.

Insectra Level 8 June 26, 2018

Thats such a beatiful story.


Oh i love this.


he was right. it is a beauty. ??

hankster Level 9 June 26, 2018

What a great story! Cool kid you have there!

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