Dandelion Hunters

Life can be hard and hellish, people can be cruel and cold.

So let’s hunt dandelions.

Dandelions come up through the cracks where life isn’t always expected; they’re hard to take down.

They’re overlooked and under appreciated.

They add a little splash of color but most people dismiss them.

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just something.....moments ago I was outside. off in the east there was a lot of racket from fireworks which I could not see. off in the West I could see flashes of light from a thunderstorm but could not hear the thunder.
hankster July 4 Jul 4 00
Just don't ever do as you are told.
Fernapple July 3 Jul 3 00
at least ten characters
hankster July 2 Jul 2 11
at least ten characters
hankster July 2 Jul 2 00
Hathacat Jan 12 Jan 12 11
Gustav klimt - early spring My favorite of this artist.
Hathacat Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Written by my sister who has gone through this twice. Still going strong too! Cancer Care By Mary Durfee How odd that getting well requires staying near the edge of death. Family evince more concern than does the patient. They look too far...
Hathacat Nov 20 Nov 20 22
Fort Point, San Francisco, before the Golden Gate Bridge. Another view of Fort Point - 1875
Hathacat Nov 18 Nov 18 00
Russian Gulch State Park. Just above Mendocino. One of my favorite places.
Hathacat Nov 18 Nov 18 11
I hurt my back yesterday sweeping up in the yard, so I am now reduced to sitting catching up with the accounts today. But at least the winter sun is streaming in through the windows, sometimes I think that for all the clever philosophy in the world, ...
Fernapple Nov 9 Nov 9 22
No one does stained glass like Nature.
Hathacat Oct 14 Oct 14 44
Cuteness times ten
Hathacat Oct 8 Oct 8 11
Sweetest thing, but you might want tissues...
Hathacat Oct 1 Oct 1 11
Photo by David Antoja No other description, but lovely!
Hathacat Aug 30 Aug 30 22
Tai - ne Marsas. Tai - Kazachstanas. Oh my!
Hathacat Aug 27 Aug 27 00
Tiffany window detail originally from Howell Hind House in Cleveland, Ohio built in 1898. I could stare at this all day.
Hathacat Aug 12 Aug 12 33
Why i love Dandelions
Stevil Aug 12 Aug 12 22
I can relate, lol.
Hathacat Aug 7 Aug 7 11
There's nothing like seeing a green sea turtle soaring along in the great blue. Photo by © Jean-Philippe Leroux There is something so soothing about this picture.
Hathacat July 31 Jul 31 22
Day trip to the lake last weekend. I spent most of an afternoon next to this lily patch. It was such a nice, refreshing mini retreat.
sc62 July 25 Jul 25 11
A hippy good morning!
Hathacat July 22 Jul 22 11
A hummingbird nest on a peach
Hathacat July 18 Jul 18 22
Yesterday, After our run my hound and i were stretching on the back porch. I had brought a towel out to wipe the sweat out of my eyes. I felt someone or something staring at me. I looked up from my prone position, and I thought it was @btroje looking...
Stevil July 15 Jul 15 11
Do you dream in living color? Does it nirvana end when you wake from theta waves?
Dazeypandar July 1 Jul 1 00
The huge bubbles! I used to be pretty good at this.
Hathacat June 23 Jun 23 11

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