Dandelion Hunters

Life can be hard and hellish, people can be cruel and cold.

So let’s hunt dandelions.

Dandelions come up through the cracks where life isn’t always expected; they’re hard to take down.

They’re overlooked and under appreciated.

They add a little splash of color but most people dismiss them.

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I hurt my back yesterday sweeping up in the yard, so I am now reduced to sitting catching up with the accounts today. But at least the winter sun is streaming in through the windows, sometimes I think that for all the clever philosophy in the world, the real souse of happiness is just sunshine. (But then I come from the UK so i don't see it very often. LOL)

Fernapple 8 Nov 9
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Hope you get better soon.

allmighty Level 6 Nov 9, 2019

Thank you, I think I am improving already.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

skado Level 8 Nov 9, 2019

Thank you.