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Written by my sister who has gone through this twice. Still going strong too!

Cancer Care
By Mary Durfee
How odd that getting well
requires staying near the edge of death.
Family evince more concern than does the patient.
They look too far ahead, because we don’t.
We, in our unbidden membership in this club, think ‘today’
Or, maybe 15 minutes at a time.
Today is possible, for sure.
And 15 minutes is a breeze.
Pings and beeps
The click of the IV machines
Ice for our cups of water
The best coffee in town.
The sky changes with each passing hour.
Silence and laughter
Our humor often alarms others, but not us.
We give
Tired waves to the others as we come and go.
Encouragement when someone is exhausted and
ready to give up or just feeling blue.
We share news of anticipated breaks from treatments.
Smiles all around at another’s good fortune.
Day after day the people who deploy our cures work.
Nurses busy and focused,
Nurses attentive and observant,
Nurses caring.
They hope every prick of a needle will be pain free.
They double check the meds and note our moods.
They bring a warm blanket.
They loosen and soften our fears,
as we pick our way back from the edge.

Hathacat 9 Nov 20
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Hoping and speechless.

allmighty Level 6 Nov 21, 2019

Went through it myself. This brings up a lot of memories for me.

bleurowz Level 8 Nov 20, 2019