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They did it again. My little has misheard "canonball" as "tennis ball" which he yelled while diving over the seat into the car. I will fight anybody who corrects him???

OpposingOpposum 9 Sep 20
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Mine called chicken wings "Chicken bones" Imagine his teachers surprise when she asked what he had for dinner?

Hathacat Level 9 Sep 20, 2018

Whoopsie! I wouldn't have corrected that one either.

@OpposingOpposum Nope, still called them that in high school, lol. And motorcycles, murmercycles (I think because the sound).



btroje Level 9 Sep 20, 2018

Mistaken words were always some of my favorites. Here are a couple with my kids. We went yurt camping on the Oregon coast. There was a family of racoons that would throw pinecones at you when you left the yurt. They are now and will forever be affectionately coined racartoons! 🙂

When we were young and would ask where our dad was my mom would often tell us, "He went to shit and the hogs ate him. Which generally was the bathroom and no, I have no idea why. Lol. Anyway, it stuck. I ended up telling my kids the same thing on occassion...except what they heard was "hog zatem" which they apparently thought was the of I asked if they had seen their dad they would tell me he was in the hog zatem. Never corrected them, just giggled. ??

Oh I love these


beautifully hilarious! set me to chuckling. thanks BB.

hankster Level 9 Sep 20, 2018
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