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I don't know what it is about Santa and trains. whatever happened to the sleigh.

anyway, last December 25th my mother gave to my brother and I each a box. she says it's things she saved for us over the years that she thought we might want. she wasn't very specific, "papers and pictures and things", she said. I remember her saying we might want to wait till we're alone to look through it. I think that made me wary. it has been sitting across the room untouched since. honestly I think I'm scared to open it.

hankster 9 Mar 19
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Might be time to take a chance, if you don't, you may miss out.


I think you will like it

btroje Level 9 Mar 19, 2019

I think I will too, I guess, maybe, it could happen. it's just those unexpected memories.

@hankster I understand. Suddenly taken to a place you havent thought of in so many years

@btroje a whole box of it. I keep waiting for it to feel right. probably just keep waiting. lol


Hmmm, I'm kind of envious. In our family there weren't many things worth keeping, nor anyone interested in keeping them.

I'm well aware that I have been lucky with regard to family. we all get along pretty good.

@hankster So whaddya waiting for?

@itsmedammit idk. a shot of George Dickle perhaps.