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Found a bridge to nowhere on my walk to the library. Bonus flowers on the fallen tree.

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 9
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@Insectra The tree is a China berry. An invasive species. Bonus shot of our parks naturalist. 🙂

Neat! Thank you! I'll have to Google that.


I love that bridge, and the flowers too🙂

Leutrelle Level 7 Mar 9, 2018

So was there an empty void on the other side or did it curve back to the beginning?

Actually there was a ditch & abandoned cow field behind it.

@Blindbird So it did go somewhere then.

@HeathenFarmer picky,picky. I was attempting to wax poetic.


Gorgeous flowers! Do you know what they are called? I'd be curious to learn.

Insectra Level 8 Mar 9, 2018

I'll see if I can look it up. They're everywhere here. They have little wrinkled fruits.

@Blindbird thank you!

@Insectra I sent the pics to our parks naturalist. She can't identify so we're going there tomorrow because she's curious now. 🙂

@Blindbird neat! A mystery!


could we say it was a bridge to the bonus flowers?

hankster Level 9 Mar 9, 2018
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