Dandelion Hunters

Life can be hard and hellish, people can be cruel and cold.

So let’s hunt dandelions.

Dandelions come up through the cracks where life isn’t always expected; they’re hard to take down.

They’re overlooked and under appreciated.

They add a little splash of color but most people dismiss them.

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The past two weeks i have been running a turtle suicide intervention group, all by myself.
First was a giant alligator snapping turtle. He felt like he weighed at least 30 or 35lbs. He was on the side of the road next to a pond for the horse farm or ranch close to me. He looked like a giant ball of mud that had fell off a mud flap, but with legs sticking out. How long that monster had been in the pond???? I dragged him by the tail back to the edge of the pond. He didn't much care for my efforts to get him off the road.
Then in fort Payne Alabama Friday night, a very large snapping turtle was trying to cross the road while I was there. I picked him up and carried him out of the main street behind the Cancer center. He must have needed something very badly at Wal-Mart across the road cause he took off moving very un-turtle like for the main road again. I caught up to him once again and carried him farther back near the little creek near Lowe's. I left and will not find turtle remains littering the road there tonight. Riding my bike Saturday morning i found a musk turtle coming out of the swamp I was riding next to. Very unusual to find one so large and out of the water. The Park police were a little way behind me so I kept him out of the road till they passed in their patrol vehicle.
Pics aren't mine, but a good representation of the critters trying to end it all on the roads i travel. alligator Snapping turtle, Snapping turtle and Musk Turtle

Stevil 8 June 3
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This is their breeding season, so just give them a lift in the direction they were going or they will just do it again, lol. Love knows no bounds!

Hathacat Level 9 June 5, 2019

@Stevil Yay!


Good for you just be careful they have a wicked bite

bobwjr Level 9 June 3, 2019

You rock!

@Stevil As it should, Lol.