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A simple but concise article on why we don't believe.


bookofmorons 8 Nov 20
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I found that interesting and can agree with just about everything said there. The advice to the daughter was wonderful in my opinion and hit it all right on the head. My mom and stepdad got me into religion when my sister was born and then died in the hospital. My parents wanted to know "where she went" so religion became a big thing with us. She died. That's where she went. It's sort of like before you were born.

All of these arguments were very good. I know people want comfort but lies don't cut it. Christians need to know how, where, and when we got the bible we have today. They would find that the many books making up the big book were planned by decree to have a beginning and an end. This was somewhere about 330 AD and Revelation barely made the cut. I guess there had to be a Genesis because without it all the reasons we need god and salvation would not exist. Save me from what? Oh, I'm saved now from all that you were going to do to me if I did not believe. OK.

Then I go on into Constantine and how his mother was a believer and she gave him some nails from Jesus true cross to protect him. How many nails were there? I think it was also said she had slivers of wood from the one true cross. Later the Catholic Church helped sell all of them, but Jesus may have had more than one cross. I was told today that because of the middle east war there will be no Christmas decorations in Israel. It went over my co-worker's head when I told him those people over there are not Christians. Search for it and you will find 4 or 5 places that claim they are Jesus' tomb. Jews and Palestine people need to make some money. They just do it differently than our American church people do.

DenoPenno Level 9 Nov 20, 2023

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