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The "History" channel is going to air a new series called "Jesus: His Life" which was produced by the one of the most vile con-men in American religion today, Joel Osteen. I don't think I could bear to watch, but I wonder how he has slipped his prosperity gospel into the plot. With a nicely tanned, American looking Jesus like this, I'm sure it will be well received by evangelists and Trumpsters alike...

OldWiseAss 7 Mar 31
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Bets on how many"qualifier" words will be used per episode?

AnneWimsey Level 9 Oct 24, 2020

Let me guess---there are plugs for Osteen's books, prayer rags, contribution ''opportunities,'' etc...all through it?

LucyLoohoo Level 9 Oct 24, 2020

We need to show THE LIFE of BRIAN often for laughs as this crucifixion lie should be ridiculed for the obvious frauds and forgeries like Shroud of Turin and real Josephus History that MADE NO MENTION of an escaped crucified ass&colt thief

baptist and incompetent academics pretend an obvious forgery inserted into Josephus work does express sadness their alleged baby gawd was crucified....the invented xian religion is instead a copy of a copy of a copy of religions from India that suffered many crucifixions and Roman soldier cults for centuries that finally was made official by Constantine....Essenes and other Hebrew cults all begged establishment clergy to buy messianic prophecy and only bizarre zionists of the last 150 years have invented "messianic Judaism" similar to 7th Day Adventists xians of the same era.....lastly both Mohammed and Bahai writers pretend 6 centuries and 2 centuries into their inception that there ever was a " Jesua Nasoret " .
..worst are the many crusades of Palestinian blood baths where xians&Arabs slit each others throats from Egypt to Turkey


Oh no, not an Osteen project. He is a vile human being with all the rest that preach that prosperity gospel. No one has ever been more distasteful to me than that bunch. Smile in your face and then take all your money. I wouldn't have watched anyways but I'm sure there's no chance of it at all.


icky. I cannot stand Joel. Hes a business man first then a false prophet second.


ultimately the History Network is about making Money and NOT about providing accurate historical programming

That's true and that's really sad because I love history and this show is a slap in historys face.

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Posted by OldWiseAssThe "History" channel is going to air a new series called "Jesus: His Life" which was produced by the one of the most vile con-men in American religion today, Joel Osteen.

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