Freedom from Religion Foundation

The Freedom from Religion Foundation works as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for freethought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).

The Freedom from Religion Foundation works as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for freethought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).

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Freedom from Religion Foundation
Sep 17, 2023Sep 2023

Posted by Robecology
No person...but did you know that today, September 17th is U.S. Constitution day?
Freedom from Religion Foundation
May 4, 2023May 2023

Posted by Julie808
Are you an Atheist Street Pirate? In listening this past week's 'Freethought Radio' by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, I heard that some members of Atheists United have organized to remove unlawful religious signs from public property. There ...
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Apr 6, 2023Apr 2023

Posted by Robecology
Freedom? Not having any myths or "beliefs"?
Jan 1, 2023Jan 2023

Posted by Killtheskyfairy
I second the motion!
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Nov 21, 2022Nov 2022

Posted by Robecology
A Freedom From Religion post on Twitter...sharing with you this Monday! Have a pleasant week!
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Freedom from Religion Foundation
Aug 8, 2021Aug 2021

Posted by Word
Biblical text is considered "Religious text" and its dictates are considered "Religious "? First amendment to constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;... Biblical...
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Mar 26, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by piphirho
Last night I saw a commercial for the Freedom from Religion Foundation on television. My wife turned to me and said, "that's your group". I said, "yes, it is". But it occurred to me, was this a commercial targeted at me? We have DirecTV. I used to ...
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Sep 10, 2018Sep 2018

Posted by Trajan61
The problem with the freedom from religion foundation is it favors people like Obama heavily over men like Trump. Unfortunately as it stands right now the conservatives can’t win without the support of the predominantly conservative religious right...

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Posted by RobecologyI've been out of sorts; recovering from a fall and stroke; but here's an Agnostic American known as Natalie Angier, who had a birthday February 16th (1956) here's her Wiki bio; ...

Posted by RobecologyYesterday, Monday, February 12, was the birthday for Judy Blume! born February 12, 1938 A very important Agnostic!

Posted by RobecologyYoung Charles Dickens only lived to be 58 years old; yet was an agnostic of great influence! February 7 is his birthday! Here's his Wiki bio; [en.

Posted by RobecologyThomas Paine; born a "Pain".

Posted by RobecologyHappy 95th Birthday Jules Fieffer! An agnostic who still "rocks"!! []

Posted by RobecologyGood morning fellow Agnostics! Home from the hospital after several days.

Posted by RobecologyHappy January 14th birthday, Mr. Bond! []

Posted by Robecology Ethan Allen; known mainly for his reaching a "Colonel" ranking in the American Revolutionary war - was also an Agnostic; []

Posted by RobecologyHappy Birthday, Agnostic Carl Sandburg! []

Posted by Robecologyhappy Birthday, Michael Stipe! (lead singer in R.E.M. and agnostic!) turning 64 today! []

Posted by RobecologyAn Ancient Roman philosopher; [] Never clearly nor obviously "agnostic"..but - you decide;

Posted by RobecologyThis famous science writer celebrated his birthday today, January 2.

Posted by mzeeone of the 4 horseman

Posted by RobecologyA pot/Cannabis user, an interracially married (never official, of course) man, and third president of the U.

Posted by CliffordCookDonald Trump has assembled a group of 302 Christian Nationalist preachers and pastors into a group he calls the ([iowafaithleadercoalition.

Posted by Robecology[] Henri Matisse; born this day (12/31) in 1869... Was an Agnostic;

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